Barack Obama – former CIA agent

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Hello, crazy!

Deanna Spingola is a writer at RenewAmerica, a collection of dunderheads unable to get gigs writing at, a website that lets Ben Shapiro write for them, so you know these dudes must be classy! When Deanna Spingola isn’t designing quilts, she’s putting the crazy in crazy quilt with her Obama conspiracy articles!

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Dr. James David Manning

That’s Pastor Manning of We are too stupid to figure out how to use Google so have declared Obama didn’t go to Columbia University fame.

According to Dr. Manning, Obama (born in 1961) enrolled at the very pricey Occidental College in Los Angeles, California in 1979 and was recruited there in 1980 by the CIA which has made it a practice since its inception to recruit college students.

Ah, yes. You might be surprised to learn that there isn’t a link to any evidence for this.

Obama allegedly transferred from Occidental to Columbia University. It is atypical for a student to begin their education in one four-year school and then transfer to another school.

I know many people who would be surprised to learn that they are atypical.

The CIA needed Muslims or others who were fluent in Farsi and who could easily blend into the Muslim environment in the Middle East. The CIA persuaded Columbia University to extend their foreign student program to Obama, now a Columbia student, so that he might travel to Pakistan and enroll in the universities around Karachi in addition to the Patrice Lumumba School in Moscow

All evidence for this is a YouTube video from Pastor Manning

Obama, as an undercover agent, was the lead agent in the arms and money supply for the CIA-trained Taliban Army against the Soviet Army war machine. His actions were integral to the Taliban’s success in their opposition to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Obama trained Osama now?

When Obama completed his CIA operations in the mid 1980s and returned to the U.S. he persuaded the State Department to maneuver his entrance into Harvard Law School; since the CIA, the U.S. president’s personal agency for black operations throughout the world, also has connections to federal and state politicians, they managed to arrange Obama’s entrance to yet another elite school in 1988.

So Obama’s admittance wasn’t affirmative action because he was black, it was covert action because he was black ops. Got it. The fact that Obama was a stellar student had nothing to do with it.

Despite a five-year absence from the rigors of college activity he was accepted at Harvard

Just wait until she finds out it was six years between when I was in school and when I went to grad school! Soon she’ll be claiming I was in the CIA. Sorry, NSA all the way!!

Most of the rest of a column is a rehash of the Obama Columbia University conspiracy that we made fun of before when it was first announced. But then she closes with an amazing piece of wingnut hysteria!

Henry Kissinger said, “Conflicts across the globe and an international respect for Barack Obama have created the perfect setting for establishment of ‘a New World Order.” Allegedly, the upper echelon of Freemasonry were infiltrated long ago the Satanic Illuminati whose objective is world dominance through one-world governance. There are claims that Barack Obama is a 32nd degree Prince Hall Freemason. Certainly, Prince Hall Freemasons, Jesse Jackson and Charles Rangel, supported his presidency. Whether he is a Freemason or not, he might indeed be the chosen vessel of the New World Order proponents unless the citizens call a halt to the scheme. However, there is no doubt that he is a Zionist asset and, that despite his campaign promises, intends to pursue the same Neo-Con policies in the Middle East as the previous administration, as evidenced by his speech before the 2008 AIPAC Policy Conference where he was introduced by his friend, Lee Rosenberg, a fellow Chicago resident.

Freemasons, NWO, Zionist control, Neo-con conspiracies, it’s a grab bag of goofy fun!