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The Murder Pact makes a killer deal on Lifetime!

The Murder Pact lifetime

Finally the Eyes Wide Shut/Little Red Riding Hood cinematic universe pays off!

Yes, blackmail a bunch of murderers and don’t expect to get murdered. Great plan, genius! But then the killers begin turning on each other and soon everyone is trying to kill each other. Also there is weird masked ball stuff because I guess rich people still do that somehow. The Murder Pact joins The Cheating Pact in meaning we’re going to have a Pact franchise on Lifetime, and I’m okay with that. Eventually they have to get to a movie called Pact Man, right?

After witnessing the accidental death of their classmate Heidi, a group of friends – four rich socialites – flee the scene, not realizing that Heidi’s roommate Lisa witnessed everything. When Lisa starts to drop hints that she knows about the “accident,” the friends decide they can’t trust her to stay quiet, and plot to kill Lisa before she rats them out, burying her body beneath the floorboards in one of their basements. Before long, though, the guilt and paranoia starts to consume them, and they become convinced that Lisa may actually be alive and looking for revenge.

The Murder Pact stars Alexa Vega, Beau Mirchoff, Renee Olstead, Michael J. Willett, and Sean Patrick Thomas. It’s written by John Doolan and directed by Colin Theys, the team that brought us Wally Lambs’ Wishin’ and Hopin’. This is an interesting followup, which I don’t think will be so Christmasy and sweet. But maybe I’m wrong and The Murder Pact will jingle our bells. Only one way to find out!

The Murder Pact premieres Saturday, September 12th on Lifetime!

via Lifetime!

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