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Pembe Panter Gangsterlere Karşı (Review)

Pembe Panter Gangsterlere Karşı

aka Pembe Panter \ Temel Reis: Gangsterlere Karşı aka Pink Panther and Popeye Against Gangsters
Pembe Panter Gangsterlere Karşı Pink Panther Popeye
Written by Muzaffer Hepgüler
Directed by Oguz Gözen

One of the joys of watching weird and obscure movies from around the globe is finding things that not only make no logical sense but also make perfect sense. Pembe Panter \ Temel Reis: Gangsterlere Karşı is one such beast, because the concept of Pink Panther and Popeye teaming up to rescue a woman kidnapped by the mob not only seems like low tier fanfic but also seems completely acceptable as a live-action movie coming out of Turkey! If you wanted to see a live-action Pink Panther which is basically a guy in a Pink Panther onesie wandering around with a guy in a saior’s costume who looks way closer to Bluto than Popeye, then this is the perfect movie for you, person who doesn’t exist! Pembe Panter is basically a live-action cartoon, in fact it is pretty close to a children’s movie except for a few examples, like the nude photos in the background, some risque jokes that cause a female character to sound like she’s having an orgasm, and both of our heroes trying to look up her skirt. But that’s probably perfectly acceptable in a world that regularly produces movies like Pembe Panter in the first place!
Pembe Panter Gangsterlere Karşı Pink Panther Popeye
The copy we have is recorded off of a television broadcast, appears to be missing a bit near the end, and has most of the major instances of smoking blurred out. It’s probably the best copy we are going to get without a major miracle happening, as I probably don’t have to tell you this isn’t exactly a 100% legal use of the characters. Or even 1% legal use! There is also no subtitles, but at TarsTarkas.NET, we don’t need no stinking subtitles! And it helps that the film is low on dialogue in the first place. I guess the Pink Panther theme song also has lyrics? Or at least this Turkish version does during the opening credits, which play over a slideshow featuring a stuffed Pink Panther toy being posed. Poor Popeye isn’t even even acknowledged in stuffed slideshow or music form. Sometimes the title I see in articles/databases about the film is listed Pembe Panter Gangsterlere Karşı, and sometimes it is Pembe Panter \ Temel Reis: Gangsterlere Karşı (it is the latter on this print!), I’m not sure if they just renamed the film later or what is the deal.

But enough talk, let’s get to the magic that is Pink Panther….and Popeye….teaming up and taking down the mob!

Pembe Panter (Ahmet Sendil) – Pink Panther is a guy in a Pink Panther Onesie, and is actually Pink Panther, not a detective or a diamond. He loves hanging out and doing goofy stuff, but is also girl crazy like every character in every Turkish movie ever made. Unlike the cartoon, he talks, but as he’s played by a comedian being funny, he’s also often shrieking or making other weird noises.
Temel Reis (Muzaffer Hepgüler) – Popeye is the least Popeye looking Popeye I’ve seen in a live action film, and I’ve seen the Popeye in Dragon Lives Again! Don’t worry, it is all planned, as actor Muzaffer Hepgüler also wrote this film, so he obviously loves these characters and made this goofy tribute film.

Pembe Panter Gangsterlere Karşı Pink Panther Popeye
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The Pink Panther rides again!

Pink Panther Pest Control
Let me tell you a tale of Young Tars: When I was a wee lad I had a Pink Panther stuffed animal. As I was crazy about Pink Panther, this stuffed animal saw a bit of wear and tear, and after a few years was looking pretty worn. So I did what any kid with a fistfull of birthday cash would do, I bought a new one! But I never got rid of the old Pink Panther, so they became brothers. The new one was the cool one, of course, but they were bros just the same. So on that derail you can imagine I’m happy that there will be a new Pink Panther film that’s about the Pink Panther cartoon.

What’s weird about the film is it is being described as a live-action/CGI hybrid that takes place in the same universe as the Inspector Clouseau character from the Pink Panther films. As we all know, the Pink Panther cartoon originally appeared in the opening credits of 1963’s The Pink Panther, and went on to star in an Academy Award winning short and subsequent series of cartoons in theaters and on television.

The character doesn’t speak and is usually accompanied by a cool jazz soundtrack (which I admit is probably my first exposure to jazz), and before this was not considered a part of the live action film universe (that I understand.) But that will change as the Pink Panther will leap to life to help solve an international jewel heist, despite not talking. And Inspector Clouseau will be referenced.

This sounds so weird, but it is being directed by David Silverman, a longtime veteran of The Simpsons who also directed The Simpsons Movie, and it’s going to be written by another Simpsons vet, Michael Price. This sounds like a project that will be a lot of fun and done by creators who know how to make an entertaining spectacle. And hopefully there will be some cool jazz, because I don’t think I can handle Pink Panther slinking around to dubstep.

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Pink Panther Flakes

Also bring this back as well!

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