I Didn’t Kill My Sister is a Lifetime murder mystery!

I Didn't Kill My Sister Lifetime

Look, the title already tells you I didn’t do it, why are you interrogating me???

Lifetime continues the non-stop movie train with I Didn’t Kill My Sister (aka Murder Unresolved), the story about a woman whose sister winds up dead during a bitter divorce, but ends up the prime suspect, so she has to find the real murderer while avoiding the ever more suspicious police. Luckily a trailer for this has been up for a while and shows more than the 30 second Lifetime blurb, the flick looks like a fun little murder mystery.

When a popular TV newswoman is murdered during a nasty divorce from her co-anchor her ambitious sister finds herself a suspect and is determined to unmask the true killer.

I Didn’t Kill My Sister stars Nicholle Tom, Sharon Taylor, Sarah Desjardins, Gina Holden, Ona Grauer, and Chris William. It’s directed by Jason Bourque (Stonados, A Mother’s Instinct) and written by Gemma Holdway (The Stepchild)

I Didn’t Kill My Sister premieres on Saturday, May 14 on Lifetime!

via Lifetime