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Hidden 2002 (Review)

Hidden 2002

aka แอบ 2002


TarsTarkas.NET is not a website to shy away from new and bizarre film experiences. We are also not one to shy away from bizarre softcore porn from various countries of the world. As we’ve seen odd examples from Hong Kong, the US, and India; we continue the globe-trotting and cart out an example from Thailand. Thailand has gotten somewhat big in the movie-making world due to the popularity of Tony Jaa, and has been seen here before with Brutal River. This time the only brutal thing is the plot, what little plot there is. Even though there are no subtitles, there isn’t enough going on for us to even bother caring about them. What is bizarre is most films have some sort of climax where lessons are learned or revenge is enacted following the weak storyline, in this case the story just wanders off and never resolves. That is one of the two big “Huh?” factors, the other is the life-size statue of Colonel Sanders that makes an appearance. I believe that is what we call some extra-crispy sex.

The problem with the production, aside from the lack of subtitles, is also the lack of clear pictures. Either shot with a very cheap camcorder (which I wouldn’t doubt) or transferred to VCD as cheaply as possible (which I also wouldn’t doubt) the picture quality is horrible. It is hard to get a clear view of the actors during the wide shots. Even many of the close-ups are out of focus or just blurry overall. Another fun aspect is the fact the film has many scenes shot in the street or public places, and you can clearly see people in the background staring at the camera, or watching the actors go about their business. This adds some unintentional hilarity to some of the scenes, and provides a nice distraction while waiting for the people to drop trough and start bumping uglies. It’s not like I know Thai and have any idea what they are talking about. There is some parts of the movie I do understand. That is the songs by Green Day, which are constantly playing in the background during all the outside scenes. As all the sound is dubbed in during post production, they just added Green Day songs for the times they are in downtown Bangkok or wherever they are. That way, you will associate Green Day with Thailand. Because. It is unknown what recent the recent coup in Thailand will do to the adult VCD industry, and from what little information I could find on these girls, it looks like some of them can be found in more adult fare. This seems to be pretty tame for an adult film, actually, so maybe they couldn’t even afford to pay the girls to show off more, or wanted to make their video still accessible to most video renters without them going into the back room (which doesn’t seem to have happened.)

But first the cast. All of the character names are guesses, and we are not sure of who the actors are. Based on one single website listing four cast members in English, and checking other films where those actresses are present, we have some guesses as to who is who, but it is not 100% accurate. Though it is unlikely most of the people reading this will be familiar enough with Thai softcore porn actresses to know if I am right or not, someone has to be far more well versed, and any input is appreciated. We do get some people from Thailand who stop by from time to time if the visitor logs are to be believed.

Leemae (Nong Tik?) – Has a star-design tattoo on her right shoulder, and enjoys some lesbian sex in addition to her normal sex with whatever is walking around at the time. She appears to be played by an actress named Nong Tik. Nong Tak and Nong Toe were unavailable.
Meifa (Nong Cat?) – Has a flower tattoo on her left breast, a design across the top of her back, and another design lower that looks like it is a quote or something (but between it being in Thai and the bad resolution it is illegible.) She appears to be played by an actress named Nong Cat.
Hanout (Nong Jenjira?) – Has a tattoo on her upper left arm, as well as another on her belly. Her character name is the biggest guess, because it doesn’t even look like a name, and has hardly any Google matches except for a spice. She appears to be played by an actress named Nong Jenjira.
Doorman (?????) – Possibly named Lumei, but the Doorman of the hotel is constantly looking at smut, constantly chatting up the patrons of his hotel, constantly peeping on the guests, and even able to slime his way into some of their panties. Yes, that’s right, you get to see this disgusting man have sex. No, this isn’t a horror film. No idea who the actor is.
Hong (?????) – Guy in the room next to the three girls, spends most of the movie video taping them in secrecy. Then he has sex with one of them. Law & Order: SVU would be all over this guy! No idea who the actor is.
Kung (?????) – Associate of Hong, usually wearing a suit and tie. Purchases most of the video tapes from Hong, but also seduces Meifa as well thanks to the power of Kentucky Fried Chicken. No idea who the actor is.

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