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Takashi Miike news – Ace Attorney and Ninja Kids

Another video game becomes a film as Takashi Miike has confirmed his statements about making Ace Attorney (Gyakuten Saiban) into a feature film. Narimiya Hiroki will play Naruhodo Ryuichi/Phoenix Wright, Kiritani Mirei is Ayasato Mayoi/Maya Fey, and Saito Takumi is Mitsurugi Reiji/Miles Edgeworth. Plot: The plot of the movie takes place in an alternate universe, where an increase in heinous crimes has forced Japanese attorneys and prosecutors to confront each other in a new court system that gives the accused only three days to prove their innocence. In this system, speed is favored over hard evidence and forensic science, forcing both the defense and the prosecution to do much of their own hurried investigation before time runs out.

I’ve not played these games, so I won’t have my childhood raped. Take that, NintendoDS havers!

Ace Attorney

Expect 90 minutes of this

In other Miike news, here is the trailer for Ninja Kids, a movie about Ninja Kids. Looks goofy.

via NipponCinema

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