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Psycho Ex-Girlfriend breaks up with Lifetime!

Psycho Ex-Girlfriend Lifetime

No, no, it’s “Love is Blind”, not “Stalk your love behind blinds!”

Psycho Ex-Girlfriend (formerly known as Twisted, but that wasn’t Lifetime enough for Lifetime!) is about a lady who returns from rehab in order to get back her boyfriend. But he’s set on marrying a normal girl who doesn’t go to rehab, which is enough to cause conflict of the Lifetime variety! What a jerk, not immediately dropping his life! Also the ex-girlfriend even hires Tyler’s new girlfriend as a therapist and tells her all about the good sex she had with Tyler, this seems to be a very important plot point according to the trailer. Either way, this looks like a tight Lifetime thriller!

Kara and Tyler are planning to getting married when Tyler’s ex-girlfriend returns from rehab, adamant on winning him back. As Kara tries to protect her relationship and prevent Tyler from sliding back into his bad habits, she is pulled into a twisted game of cat and mouse.

Psycho Ex-Girlfriend stars Elisabeth Harnois, Morgan Kelly (Killjoys!!!), Kimberly-Sue Murray, and Thomas Mitchell. It’s directed by Philippe Gagnon, who regularly helms Incendo Productions that end up on Lifetime like Running for Her Life. It’s written by Barbara Kymlicka (Double Daddy!) so it must be awesome as heck!

Psycho Ex-Girlfriend premieres Saturday, June 16th on Lifetime!

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Posted by Tars Tarkas - June 14, 2018 at 10:53 pm

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Lifetime’s Prescription for Danger makes waiting at the pharmacy seem like a breeze!

Prescription for Danger

This must be that alternative medicine I’ve heard so much about!

Lifetime knows the cures for what ails you is what ails you, mainly awful doctors. This time, an innocent business woman is at the mercy of a doctor who is being a jerk! I’m not exactly sure what he’s going to do, as the synopsis is vague, but you can be assured that the male doctor with the generically sinister name is up to no good. Instead of HMO, you’ll want to scream HM-NOOOOOOO!!! Actually, HMOs make you do that, anyway. No matter how awful these doctors are, real life healthcare in the US is much worse!

Ivy Fisher is at the top of her game; A whip-smart, devastatingly attractive upstart business owner. She is your typical thirtysomething, with a stalled personal life and overactive career. But during a crucial investor meeting, Ivy’s body begins to fail her. Plagued with an onset of dizziness and a crippling headache, Ivy crashes. Enter Dr. Mark Ryan – a corrupt doctor ready to feed his desire for power, and Ivy is his perfect subject. This rock-hard business woman is now about to confront her mortality. But much to Ivy’s shock, she is about to find out that Dr. Ryan, a person she trusts, has the recipe to finally break her.

Prescription for Danger stars Joanne Kelly, Shaun Benson, Genelle Williams, Alysa King, Kate McIninch, and Sean Tucker. It’s written by James Phillips (Kept Woman) and directed by Caroline Labrèche. It premieres Sunday, June 10th on Lifetime!

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Posted by Tars Tarkas - June 8, 2018 at 5:06 am

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Stalked by My Doctor: Patient’s Revenge is a triple dose of Eric Roberts Lifetime awesomeness!

Stalked by my Doctor patient's revenge lifetime
The gross doctor who loves his patients just a little (okay, a lot!) too much is back again, and this time so is his original victim, Sophie Green! Yep, Eric Roberts returns in one of his most awesome, scenery chewing roles, and Brianna Chomer is back as well, now in goth form! Dr. Beck is now a college teacher and taking full advantage of how screwed up the sexual harassment problems are at our universities. This being Lifetime and the third entry in an amazing franchise, this will be full of the awesome stuff we’ve come to expect! Doug Campbell returns to write and direct. While we’ve been too busy to review the second film, we do have a look at the original Stalked by My Doctor, and be sure to check out Stalked by My Doctor: Patient’s Revenge on Lifetime, June 10th!

After a jury finds him not guilty of the kidnapping and attempted murder of a former patient, the mentally disturbed Dr. Albert Beck vows to rehabilitate himself. When he lands a teaching job at a prestigious Arizona medical school, he immediately develops a crush on a new student, Melissa, and struggles to keep his growing obsession from taking control of his life. Meanwhile, Dr. Beck’s former patient and victim, Sophie Green is still furious at losing her court case against him and decides to enroll in the medical school where he is teaching — so she can mete out her own form of personal justice. Eric Roberts, Anna Marie Dobbins, Rico Simonini, and Brianna Chomer star.

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Posted by Tars Tarkas - June 7, 2018 at 10:06 pm

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Lifetime breaks out the Girl in the Bunker!

Girl in the bunker Lifetime
As long as creeps keep kidnapping women and hiding them in weird locations, Lifetime will be there to have movie event nights with both a new Original Movie plus a documentary based on the true events! It’s a double rating bonanza and this time our creep is the guy who kidnapped Elizabeth Shoaf in 2006. Girl in the Bunker is her story and will be followed by Elizabeth Shoaf: The Girl in a Bunker, where Elizabeth herself details her account! Julia Lalonde plays Elizabeth Shoaf, with ET star Henry Thomas as the kidnapper Vinson Filyaw, and Moira Kelly as Elizabeth’s mother. Girl in the Bunker is written and directed by Stephen Kemp (Who did the prior Lifetime film event Girl in the Box)

Based on the true story of Elizabeth Shoaf, who was abducted in 2006 and held captive in a hidden underground bunker. The film will be followed at 10 PM by the docu-special Elizabeth Shoaf: The Girl in a Bunker, which recounts the terrifying true story in Shoaf’s own words) While walking home from the school bus stop, a man dressed as sheriff’s deputy handcuffs Elizabeth (Lalonde) for marijuana possession and marches her deep into the woods against her protests and places her in an underground bunker. Elizabeth’s sudden disappearance sparks a massive police search with hundreds of volunteers and officers fanning through miles of dense woodland while helicopters circled overhead. At the mercy of a dangerous and psychologically unhinged captor, Vinson Filyaw (Thomas), a fugitive sexual predator, Elizabeth realizes that in order to survive, she must take matters into her own hands and gradually begins to win his trust as she plots her escape. Kelly portrays Elizabeth’s mother Madeline.

Girl in the Bunker premieres Monday, May 28th on Lifetime!

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Posted by Tars Tarkas - May 26, 2018 at 7:23 pm

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Mistress Hunter (Review)

Mistress Hunter

Mistress Hunter
Written by Bryan Dick
Directed by Penelope Buitenhuis

Mistress Hunter
If you ever wondered what we would get if Pulp Fiction‘s Winston Wolfe was lending his skills to the Lifetime Movies-verse, then Mistress Hunter is for you! It might also be seen as Taken by way of Lifetime movies, as the Mistress Hunter has a special set of skills, namely getting revenge on cheating husbands, in that she helps gather evidence for a divorce and breaks up the cheating couple in the process. She also has a secret office, uses a fake name, and communicates with the wronged wife via randomly encountering her on the street while dressed in different costumes. That’s just the premise for the normal story before all the inevitable betrayals, twists, and murders happen! This is the kind of bonkers Lifetime stuff I love, it’s the standard betrayed by a man story on steroids with a great hook that it doesn’t lean so heavily on that the story is compromised.

Jackie (Lauralee Bell) is your typical housewife in the fancy burbs with a young daughter and a bankster husband, Karl (Martin Copping), who has an eye that has wandered all over a side chick named Beth (Chloe Brooks). Jackie gets suspicious due to Karl being very bad at covering his tracks (the ol’ “Busy at work” but not actually at work thing!) and becomes a wreck. Her friend Valerie (Lauren Plaxco) recommends to her a woman she heard of called the Mistress Hunter, who handles these situations. And then the film gets sensational!
Mistress Hunter
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Drink Slay Love (Review)

Drink Slay Love

Drink Slay Love
Screenplay by Eirene Donohue
Based on the novel by Sarah Beth Durst
Directed by Vanessa Parise

Drink Slay Love
A vampire novel about a vampire girl in high school that falls in love with a human, it’s Twilight in reverse! With a bunch of extra stuff thrown in to make the perfect YA fantasy novel. Combine that with a director that obviously knew the material needed to get some campy elements thanks to airing on Lifetime, and some actors delivering some neat performances (and a few skeletonizing the scenery every second they are on screen!), we get a surprisingly entertaining but incredibly cheesy flick with Drink Slay Love!

Vampire teen Pearl (Cierra Ramirez) is confident, way confident, so confident that life is but a bore as she’s so confident she’s already done it all. The invincibility of youth mixed with the actual invincibility of vampires. That all gets shattered like the mirrors that she can only vaguely see her reflection in (it’s complicated!) when she discovers she can survive in the sunshine! Sure, this happened right after a mysterious attack where she almost died but woke up fully healed at home. Suddenly a whole new world is open to her, but only her, the rest of her clan is still killable by the sun.

This coincides with the King of the Vampires deciding the family will host the 100 year huge party where everyone feeds the King their blood and then drinks his blood, which means everyone serves the King. Which isn’t all sorts of screwed up at all. To feed all the vampires coming for the party, Pearl is sent to school to recruit a whole host of victims, as vampires must be invited into houses and high school means she’ll be invited to slumber parties. Or would be if she wasn’t a goth girl. We all know she’s going to soon fall in love and the script gets flipped.
Drink Slay Love
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