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The Muppets S01E02 – “Hostile Makeover”

Hostile Makeover The Muppets
The Muppets“Hostile Makeover”
Story by Bill Prady & Bob Kushell
Teleplay by Dave Caplan & Gregg Mettler
Directed by Randall Einhorn

The Muppets returns with a strong followup to their pilot episode, and without the burden of the setting up the premise and the uncomfortable dating reality, they can get right to the wacky jokes and hijinks ensuing.
Hostile Makeover The Muppets
Miss Piggy is on the rampage lately, because she doesn’t have a date for an upcoming award show. Kermit has the solution: set her up with Josh Groban and have some peace at the office. This works a little too well, as now Josh Groban is in a position to offer suggestions for the show. Suggestions Miss Piggy is more than happy to force Kermit to implement, even if they mean the show’s quality nose dives into the crapper. Laurence Fishburne has a hilarious cameo complete with some sick burns (sick Fishburnes???) on the state of Miss Piggy’s show. That is enough for Kermit to step into action and try to de-Groban the area.
Hostile Makeover The Muppets
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