Frog-g-g! (Review)


Kristi Russell as Dr. Barbara Michaels
Ariadne Shaffer as Trixie
Robert Patrick Brink as Sheriff Buford Lawson
Michael McConnohie as Huntley Grimes
Todd Malta as EPA Agent Steve Saunders
John Ponzio as The Frog

This film sucks-s-s! Of course you expected that joke. The camp is strong with this film. We got mutant frogs sexing up girls, as well as lesbians. Yes, lesbians. The mutant frog? Why, he’s Greedo! Yes, Greedo from Star Wars now has a film of his very own. He’s mad. Mad that the galaxy he once called home no longer makes any sense to him. Mad that he now questions whether or not he got off a shot at Han Solo. Mad that he was somehow convinced he shot first, even though he knows he never pulled the trigger. Madder still that if he did shoot, he would have had to miss someone a foot away from the gun. Madder even still that now people are saying he shot at the same time as Han Solo, and yet still missed. When you get all that anger pent up inside you, building, getting stronger, stoked by rage, hate, burning, it bubbles over, into a frothy mess, and soon…it explodes! Now, the girls of this small town will never be the same, once Greedo has had his way with them! Fear the Greedo! FEAR! With the only available man in the town being a Rodian, no wonder the main characters are lesbians!
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