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Lee – Fund this movie!

Lee Pine Ridge
With garbage from Zach Braff that could easily find funding from the change in his couch sucking up millions of $$$ in Kickstarter donations, actual good films that bring something new are feeling the pinch. Thus, something that looks like it will be a very cool story is on the track to failure. So if you got some extra money, toss it towards the film Lee. It takes place on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and will feature local residents who are not professional actors.

Lee looks Let’s let Lee speak for itself:


Lee is a seventeen-year-old Lakota boy who idly spends his days in young love with his kind and ambitious girlfriend Aurelia, his nights carousing with his loyal and wayward best friend Evan, and avoiding anything to do with his broken home life. When his sister unexpectedly dies and his home is taken away from him, Lee is driven to keep his family together at all costs, but his risky actions have consequences that forever alter his most cherished relationships. Filled with vitality and unexpected humor, LEE is the story of one young man’s winding path to self-discovery.

Director Chloé Zhao sez:

I wasn’t always a filmmaker. I studied Political Science in college and focused on American Politics. I have always been aware of the political history of Pine Ridge, but it was the growing news of teen suicide on both Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservation that brought me there.

Teen suicide is a very personal topic for me. I was born in Beijing, China, and was a teenage girl at a strange time when the Communist country first opened its door to the world in the 90s. New information poured in and everything I was told about my identity turned out to be lies. Out of confusion and frustration, teen suicide became a big problem. It is extremely dangerous to take away one’s culture and identity and try to replace it with something completely foreign. The Lakota teens today are experiencing a similar phenomenon that adds to the confusion they already experience while transitioning into adulthood. Our protagonist, Lee, is one of these teens. Although Lee’s journey isn’t easy, he realizes the solution isn’t to run away, but rather find acceptance so that he can live each coming day with hope.

I want this film to capture the grand and breathtaking quality of Pine Ridge and its landscape. I also want to create an intimate and subjective portrait of the people by working with a cast made majority of non-actors who have lived their entire lives on Pine Ridge. Since I first visited Pine Ridge three years ago, I have developed close relationships with many Lakota teens. Their personal stories inspired me to write this film. And now some of them will be acting in this film and will soon see themselves on the big screen. To let them tell their story has been a very personal and passionate journey for me. The screenplay has constantly been updated and rewritten because the whole process never stops being inspired and guided by the stories I’ve learned and the people I’ve met everyday on Pine Ridge. By placing intimate moments of a teenager’s growing pains in the middle of the stillness, spirituality and solitude of the land that made him who he is, I want to put the audience inside of Lee so they see, hear, and feel everything he does. I believe Lee’s journey can demystify how the world perceives life on Pine Ridge, and hopefully convey an empowering message to all teens that live Lee’s story every day.


Official site

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50 Links of Grey

Okay, maybe not 50 links, but here are a bunch of either stories that I never finished or links to cool crap from around the web:

  • If you like HUUUUUUUUUGE images and video game movies, this folder filled with giant Wreck-It Ralph images will make your day!
  • Assassins Creed is getting a flick! Ubisoft formed Ubisoft Motion Pictures to coproduce with New Regency and Fox (and to better buffer if this bombs!)

    the film will follow the adventures of a guy who learns that his ancestors were once deadly assassins. After he’s kidnapped by a shady organization with ties to the Knights Templar, he is forced to travel back through time to collect artifacts.

  • An awesome article about the Super Mario Brothers movie and how it became the awesome disasterpiece we all love!
  • I do not want to know how much disgusting stuff was all over this thief who would crawl around on theater floors stealing credit cards from purses.
  • In case you missed it, the 50 Shades of Grey movie will be written by Kelly Marcel. Thumbs up for having a woman scriptwriter!
  • Whatever the heck the comic Insurrection is, it will now be a film. The plot has something to do with clones who fight wars lead a rebellion. But it’s not a prequel to Star Trek: Insurrection, which had the same theme with the Remans and Picard clone. This is a totally original space clone future war Insurrection movie.
  • Douglas Sain and Dinesh D’Souza arguing over money from 2016: Obama’s America? Couldn’t happen to nicer people!
  • Ninja Dixon fights The Amazing Bulk!
  • beyondasophilia gets some Vulgaria!
  • Danny at Can’t Stop The Movies gets sent to Stalag 17!
  • Beth Loves Bollywood, but she doesn’t love Jimmy!
  • Todd wonders why Shahenshah has so little Shahenshah in it!
  • BlueprintReviews maps out South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut!
  • Here is a kickass video breakdown of Goldeneye from David DeMoss
  • Some Kickstarters to fund or flee from:
  • Finding Kukan is a neat documentary about Robin Lung locating a lost copy of Kukan, an Oscar-winning documentary that was developed by Li Ling-Ai and Rey Scott. Kukan detailed China’s struggle against Japan during the Pacific War. The film is being restored and Robin Lung is detailing the restoration and a lot of history about the film, Li Ling-Ai, and Rey Scott with Finding Kukan. This chapter of forgotten history looks to be very interesting, and I am hopeful that this will be funded so the final product arrives sooner than later. Official site for Finding Kukan.
  • Another film restoration project is Different from the Others (Anders als die Andern), a 1919 silent film that is probably the earliest surviving work about LGBT people. It was directed by Richard Oswald and cowritten by Magnus Hirshfeld. Other LGBT friendly movies of the era were destroyed by the Nazis. The film needs to be restored and then will be archived as part of the Legacy Collection at the UCLA Film & Television Archive, (the world’s largest collection of LGBT moving images with over 20,000 pieces) and prints will be struck for distribution around the country. Different from the Others is another important piece of film history that needs to be preserved for future generations.
  • Let’s leave film history for a moment and go to films about history that didn’t really happen. Helen Keller vs Nightwolves sounds ridiculous at first, but then you realize it’s the latest film proposal from the team that brought you FDR: American Badass and other fine films. They even have a cast lined up. Though the historical characters fighting random monsters category is beginning to get overplayed, there is still a place for entertaining and ridiculous fare like this. And Kevin Sorbo is attached, so how can you lose? You can’t.
  • And finally, here is some Pacific Rim porn:

Pacific Rim

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Boys Will Be Boys on Kickstarter

Boys Will Be Boys
If you miss the chance to back Boys Will Be Boys on Kickstarter, you will be kicking yourself! But don’t take my tired joke as the final word, let’s hear from creator Ntsako Mabasa himself:

Feature Film about a Bisexual Down Low NCAA Basketball Player, who impregnates his secret Gay Friend, a Rare Reproducing Hermaphrodite.

Boys Will Be Boys deals with more social issues than you can shake a stick at! How many films about homothugs are there? Probably zero.

“Boys Will Be Boy” is a Racy Art Feature Film about a Bisexual Down Low NCAA Basketball Player, Athlete, NBA Potential Number One Draft Pick, Gang-Banger, Underground Rapper, who impregnates his private/secret Gay-Boy/Homie-Lover-Friend, who turns out to be a Rare One-Of-A-Kind Reproducing Hermaphrodite with an internal Female Organ.

What’s neat about Boys Will Be Boy(s) is that the script is already written, the cast is selected, and you can tell from the video that they’ve already done test scenes. And the description is peppered with these:
Boys Will Be Boys
Boys will Be Boys
Boys Will Be Boys
Boys Will Be Boys
These banners rule.

You should donate today. Because you literally won’t be able to donate tomorrow, as there is less than a day left on the Kickstarter!

Kickstarter page
Official site

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REDD: The Most Bad Ass Indie SciFi Adventure Movie, EVER!

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ve been getting the occasional awful Kickstarter link, which is always a good laugh. But not everything film related on Kickstarter is awful (yes, that shocked me, too!) and here is a film that looks like it could be awesomely awful cool, in a cheesy crazy low budget way. I especially like how passionate director/writer Patrick A. Prejusa is, and how excited he gets when showing off all the low budget things he is doing to try to make REDD look like it cost way more than it does. I also like how he’s only asking for a moderate amount of money, not the tens of thousands of dollars I’ve seen many less-ambitions projects trying to get. And get a load of this plot!

PLOT:In the year 2233, a dark energy is emanating from the forests of Magic Valley bringing into our world dark creatures and evil monsters. Meanwhile the GRIMM Corporation nearly has control of the U.S Government and The Planetary Alliance and seems to be ignoring and maybe even enabling the growing darkness. It’s up to one lone R.E.D.D. Agent to defy Grimm forces and fight her way through, Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies, and get to the center of the forest to confront “The Grandmother”, before evil consumes the planet.

Sure, fairy tale stuff is all the rage, but this hypes it up to a crazy level. And though zombies are overdone, the real monsters here look to be the werewolves, especially the werewolf with a laser eye. You know, I’ve got laser eyes, and I know what you’re thinking. It comes as no surprise, Christmas lights are blinking…
Here is the pitch video:

There are bunch more videos at the Kickstarter

Here is a pack of links if you want more info:

And the Kickstarter link!


April Crum is REDD
Chris Plouffe is SMITH
Amanda Elizabeth is BETH
Eve Butler is RICK
Jennifer Russoli is CARTER
Alethea Delmage is SNOW
Nick Karner is SIMON WELLER
Richard Gaither is CHAPEL
Brooke Hamrick is ANNIE
Danielle Motley is ELIZABETH GRIMM
Ron Rice is DARYL

Written, Directed, Produced, Edited, and Scored by



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