Kunoichi Ninpo – Female Ninja Magic Chronicles – getting rebooted!

[adrotate banner=”1″]Kunoichi Ninpo Cho, as you might know, were released in the US as the Female Ninja Magic Chronicles series, and became famous for having women blasting acid milk, fire, and all sorts of weird things out of their breasts and vaginas. The main series got released just in time for the 90s video boom and beginnings of Asian cinema imports. There has been other female ninja series (probably the Ninja Vixens 10-part “series” or the Lady Ninja Kasumi I don’t know how many but at least 7 series are the bigger ones), but the Female Ninja Magic Chronicles series are the queens of the female ninja (Kunoichi) sexploitation world. And now there will be another!

I didn’t know there were 8 of them (I thought there were just five!) but I guess a few of them have non-Female Ninja Magic Chronicles names in their US releases. Of course, there is also a Kunoichi Ninpo from 1964 which is based on the same Futaro Yamada story as the newer series was. It’s all very confusing. Female ninja softcore movies are rather popular, most likely because they do better overseas than the non-genre stuff.

This new Kunoichi Ninpo (entitled simply Kunoichi Ninpo for now) film will reunite Secret Undercover Agent: Honey & Bunny costars Haruna Yabuki and Yuuri Morishita, along with AV star Shou Nishino (sample creepy title – Skeleton Dildo Hyper Digital Mosaic) and softcore queen Kei Mizutani (the Weathergirl films). I am not sure who the final girl is.

Here is a promo reel showing highlights from the previous films. It is probably not safe for work, just copy/pasta below:

And the trailer for the new Kunoichi Ninpo (also probably not safe for work):

Here the girls talk about the film:

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Kunoichi Ninpo 2011