Left Behind is back to leave you behind again!

[adrotate banner=”1″]You remember those Left Behind movies starring Kirk Cameron based on those Left Behind books that are perpetually on sale at Wal-Mart and show up all the time at thrift stores, but you haven’t bothered to read them or watch the films because they’re awful awful awful? Well, now you have a new Left Behind film to not watch, a big budget version that will be focusing more on the disaster sequences than the actual story about a gay baby who is the Anti-Christ.

Paul Lalonde and John Patus are shopping around the idea to make this, budgeted at $15 million, just low enough that this will turn a profit no matter how horrible it is. Will they go the extra mile and make the Anti-Christ Obama? We shall see…

Left Behind geese

This was the best random result from Google Image Search ever!

via BeyondHollywood

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