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John Carter of Featurette

[adrotate banner=”1″]Here is a 90 second commercial with some more new footage and the cast yakking about how great John Carter (of Mars, dammit!) will be. Also the movie adaptation hit bookstores this week along with the Under the Moons of Mars anthology of new stories. I haven’t had a chance to read them yet as I’m just finished the Black Company books and have begun rereading the first three Barsoom books, then I’ll read the new stuff.
John Carter Lynn Collins

John Carter of Different Trailer

[adrotate banner=”1″]Here is a trailer spot for John Carter (of Mars, dammit!) that showed up on ComingSoon.com, which features the odd line about how the Martians are going to invade Earth or something. In case you are wondering, that’s not in the books at all. It is weird, each trailer is either really good or really terrible.

John Carter of Extended Super Bowl Ad

[adrotate banner=”1″]Hey, they cut out the “Ma’am” in the “Yes, ma’am”! That makes that scene 100% less corny. So here is your extended commercial for John Carter (of Mars, dammit!) that has a bit more new footage. Things still don’t look totally awesome, but at least we’re seeing some nice action pieces, things exploding, and apes being killed by huge rocks.

Taylor Kitsch John Carter

John Carter of Two More High-Res Images

[adrotate banner=”1″]Just when you thought it was safe to not have high-resolution images of John Carter (of Mars, dammit!), here are two more to make it not safe! If you base your safety on having high resolution images of John Carter, you are probably insane and need medication. Please get help after you are done reading more articles on TarsTarkas.NET! We’re almost as good as strong psychological drugs. Almost…

John Carter chat time

Tharks hold a conference to talk about this weird jumping guy

John Carter Matai Shang

Matain Shang (Mark Strong) and evil green martians plan evil things that are evil

John Carter of Japanese Trailer

[adrotate banner=”1″]Here is a Japanese Trailer for John Carter (of Mars, dammit!) that is a bajillion times better than the US trailers. It’s amazing how sort of explaining WTF is going on makes things better and more interesting. It looks less like boring Star Wars prequels and more like sort of interesting sci-fi pulp. And if we have to put up with a Japanese guy randomly narrating to get a good movie, I’ll put up with a Japanese guy randomly narrating!

Also here is a random fan image of a Calot:
Barsoom Calot Sphenacodon
Non-movie image from here

John Carter of TV Spots

Two new tv spots for John Carter (of Mars, dammit!) One is just as bland as the trailers, one is more exciting than the trailers.

The more boring commercial:

The far less boring commercial:

[adrotate banner=”1″]Time will tell if John Carter (of Mars, dammit!) can break free of the stigma of looking too much like boring films that ripped it off that past 100 years and become a hit. But if it is more like the second commercial than the first, then a chance is had.