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Doggie B (Review)

Doggie B

aka Doggie Boogie
Doggie B Doggie Boogie
Written and directed by Romanus Wolter

Suck on this, Travolta!

Doggie B (Or Doggie Boogie, the title I first heard of it under) is a unique film experience that is a highlight of independent film. Doggie B is the result of the creative vision of Romanus Wolter, and exhibits both the positive and negative aspects of a singular force driven independent feature. While I enjoyed Doggie B immensely, it’s ultimate place will be a cult film that retains a sizable following, but that doesn’t appeal to everyone.

Doggie B Doggie Boogie

Don’t look at the dirty doggie dancing! Someone get Doggie Patrick Swayze off the floor!

Doggie B is Bay Area weird, and I can say that having lived in the region for over a decade. I’ve walked the same streets as the dogs and humans in Doggie B. I’ve encountered people who spend tons of money on Eastern medicinal practices for their animals. Even with that, the world of Doggie B is beyond bizarre. At one point a chase is interrupted by a random bongo parade. Several scenes during the montages and competitions are designed to showcase all the entertainers who are friends of the director and crew, and feature all sorts of interesting things going on. It makes San Francisco look more magical and weird than the reality.

Doggie B‘s inventive costumes and characters cause it to stand out from much of the bland children’s entertainment involving animals, much of which is an exercise in boredom. Here, actors are eager to dig into their roles and turn them into something special. Gertrude is a cartoon villain come alive, relishing her villainous reputation as her family’s legacy. Her only disappointment is her grandson isn’t a ruthless as her.

Doggie B Doggie Boogie

We need a spinoff movie about Hang 10 Cat!

The world of competitive dog dancing (an actual world, before Doggie B the best known representation was an episode of King of the Hill) is the setting for a tale of redemption and finding your place in the world. Doggie B begins as the rivalry between Peter Wolfe and Gertrude Spinner is about to hit another stage. Peter is desperate to defeat Gertrude, who has reigned supreme for a decade, and has his dog perform a dangerous stunt to disastrous results.

Cassie Barbizon (Jesse Draper) – Owner of Pijo and future law student, despite not being interested in law. But Pijo’s fainting spells and Uncle Peter’s funk lead her into a world of dog meditation and dog dancing championships that ends up saving the day.
Peter Wolfe (Scott Cox) – Famous dog dancing competitor who constantly comes in second place to his rival, Gertrude Spinner. His dog Kompis is injured in competition doing a tricky move, and Peter lapses into a funk that threatens his business unless his niece Cassie can help.
Gertrude Spinner (Bettina Devin) – Multiple-time dog dancing champion along with her faithful canine pal Chaos, Gertrude Spinner will do whatever it takes to remain on top. Even cheat! Her family owns the secret Dog Dance Bible. She has the desire to take over Peter’s studio just to shut it down. Is a recipient of ironic punishment.
Roman Spinner (Patrick Alan Davis) – Black sheep grandson of Gertrude Spinner who doesn’t have what it takes to hold up to the family legacy of dog dancing champions. Except maybe he does, he just doesn’t do it the traditional family legacy way. Takes a shine to Cassie Barbizon.
Karen Barbizon (Barbara Tintori) – Cassie’s mom who is forcing her into taking up the family legacy of female lawyers. Also agrees to watch Pijo and promptly loses track of the dog, thus spends much of the film trying to find Pijo.
Pijo (Pijo) – A Bichon that uses the power of fainting spells and doggie yoga to speak with owner Cassie Barbizon so Cassie will find her way in life and save Peter’s dog dancing studio.
Rachelle (Erica Gerard) – An employee of Shangrrrla who helps recruit Cassie into joining the team.
Dottie (Jane Wiedlin) – Owner of Shangrrrla and obsessive Peter Wolfe fan. Jane Wiedlin is a member of the Go-Gos, and also the singing telegram girl from Clue and had a bit part in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Doggie B Doggie Boogie

You can do it!

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Doggie B is a movie that exists and opens Friday

Doggie B
I’m sure you are as shocked as I am to hear about Doggie B, a film about dancing with dogs, and how it opens Friday August 31st. As this is Thursday August 30th, it’s time to raise our glasses to the stellar marketing department! I guess TarsTarkas.NET will do the press for you, Doggie B!

When aspiring vet Cassie finds out that her Uncle Peter’s dog dancing studio is in danger of closing, she enters her devoted pup Pijo in the Dog Dancing Championships. Standing between the grand prize and the glory is ten-time champion Gertrude and her dancing canine Chaos, who will stop at nothing to win. With the help of family and friends, Cassie and Pijo lace up all six dancing shoes, raise the woof, and take on the competition tail on.

That sounds…dog gone hilarious!! Did you get it? I made a dog pun!

Just watch the damn trailer…

I did manage to find the official site. On wordpress. Romanus Wolter is the man with the plan who directed Doggie B. He has a rather long writeup here. Originally the film was called Doggie Boogie!

Doggie B stars Jesse Draper, Bettina Devin, Jane Wiedlin, Patrick Alan Davis, Scott Cox, Barbara Tintori, Erica Gerard, and Constance Hasapopoulos. But if you ask them, they will deny it. Keep asking them!

We all know dog dancing is a thing, because of that King of the Hill episode that was pretty good.

Doggie B

The love story of our time...

Doggie B

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