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Honeymoon From Hell is a Lifetime travel nightmare!

Just when you thought you were done with being Newlywed and Dead, suddenly the Honeymoon From Hell starts! This time, it isn’t because of a marriage to a mystery person, but because of a random stalker terrorizer who will probably turn out to have a connection to one of the newlyweds. So maybe it is a marriage to a mystery person after all! We shall see! My advice is not to get stranded at a bed and breakfast during a hurricane. It’s called The Weather Channel, people. Use it!

Actually it is a ghost story movie, because Honeymoon From Hell was originally called The Legend of Alice Flagg, based on the actual ghost story tales of Alice Flagg! Finally, it isn’t the internet or evil people that are the enemy, but dead evil people!

While honeymooning in South Carolina, Julia and Rivers McCoy are terrorized by an unknown assailant when they are stranded at a bed & breakfast during a hurricane. Are they victims of an elaborate prank, or is someone—some thing—after them?

Honeymoon From Hell stars Lexi Giovagnoli (12 Dog Days Till Christmas), Adam Hagenbuch (The Brittany Murphy Story), Catherine Hicks (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home), Cameron Richardson (Alvin and the Chipmunks), Christian Brunetti (Obamaland), and Ciara Flynn (Online Abduction). It’s directed by Jake Helgren (Varsity Blood) and written by Ralph McCloud (producer on A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale) and Jake Helgren.

Honeymoon From Hell has been rescheduled to Saturday, July 16th on Lifetime!

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Honeymoon From Hell Lifetime Alice Flagg

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Nightmare Nurse puts Lifetime in intensive care!

Nightmare Nurse Lifetime
Nurses are almost universally kind and good. But we’re on Lifetime, so the nurses here are crazy! And this nurse is a derange stalker, who goes Florence Nightingale Effect on her patient, Lance. Problem is, she forgot to make sure it was okay with Lance, who is still devoted to his girlfriend, Brooke. So now Brooke is a target, and also someone stabs a needle into an iPad and Tracie Lords is running around. So, it looks pretty good!

After Brooke and her boyfriend Lance have a car accident, Lance’s leg injury requires him to be bedridden with at-home care. When an attractive nurse, Chloe, is recommended to them, she seems perfect for the task. However, when her troubled past comes to light, it becomes apparent to the happy couple that someone is out to destroy their lives.

Nightmare Nurse stars Sarah Butler(I Spit on Your Grave: Vengeance is Mine), Steven Good(Ashes), Lindsay Hartley(A Mother’s Suspicion ), Traci Lords (Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre), René Ashton (Double Daddy), and Jessica Morris(Timber the Treasure Dog) It’s directed by Craig Moss (The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It) and written by Jake Helgren (12 Dog Days Till Christmas)

Nightmare Nurse premieres Saturday, March 5th on Lifetime!

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