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Godzilla King Kong Kiss
[adrotate banner=”1″]It’s a monster-sized edition to the Links post to celebrate Monster Love and to make up for Monster Laziness! So many good posts you won’t have to go anywhere else the rest of the day except all these places below. And also come back here. And share other links in the comments if you want. It’s a free internet!

As usual, we got lots of cool links from out friends and some movie news that didn’t rate its own post, and then science stuff thrown in for good measure because learning is cool. So be super monster cool and read all this stuff before I get mad!

**Top picture is Last Play by Jason Edmiston that appeared in the Village Voice, but I found on tumblr long ago with no proper attribution

**Pre-Code takes a dive in The Big Pond!

**Permission To Kill is introduced to The Man From Nowhere!

**It’s A Visual Medium gets animated about Mulan!

**Fist of B-List breaks down The Killing Machine!

**Filmi Geek covers Kannathil muthamittal!

**Turban Decay gets wrapped up in The Mummy!

**Xsmarkthespot talk Harryhausen & Bradbury!

**Trash Film Guru double entendres The Big Snatch!

**Exploder Button ice packs The Snow Devils!

**DTV Connoisseur goes beyond Maximum Force!

**Cinematic Catharsis knows John Dies at the End!

**Comeuppance Reviews gets loud about Silent Assassins!

**FourDK arrests Gaddaar!

**Can’t Stop the Movies has the intel on The Great Gatsby!

**3 Guys sing a song about Cry Baby!

**Free story! From Black PulpDrums of the Ogbanje

**The secret laser-toting Soviet satellite that almost was

**Yes, this link goes to the Daily Dot. But it’s not a terrible article, it’s actually good. I was just as surprised as you! The greatest movie that never was

**Check out this 2001: A Space Odyssey Howard Johnsons Children’s Menu!

**Is there a Jodi Arias Lifetime movie in the works? You bet your sweet bippy! If you aren’t Nancy Grace or someone who accidentally watched three seconds of Nancy Grace before the batteries in the remote kicked in and you could change the channel once more, you probably have no idea who Jodi Arias is, so count yourself lucky!

**Speaking of killer women, Women’s Studies is a crazy bad horror film about a killer women’s studies cult. I can’t tell if it is supposed to be a parody or what a MRA guy actually believes. Anyone with NetFlix or Amazon streaming want to check it out?

**Also LOL at this book:
The Feminists Cooper book

**Go Go Girls vs. The Nazis is an upcoming Russ Meyer tribute film spearheaded by Wayne Clingman. Patrick Beck is slated to direct with a screenplay by Ross Bigley. The listed cast includes Melanie Robel, Elvis Thao, Melantha Blackthorne, and Ted Alderman.

This motion picture will include three critical elements to give a true grindhouse feel:

1) Women with big breasts.

2) Nazis being killed.

3) A plot.

More information can be found on the official site.
And here is a promo teaser:

A Haunted House 2

**The Gremlins remake is lumbering forward, now produced by Seth Grahame-Smith, the guy who wrote Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and the script to Dark Shadows (and rewrites on the Fantastic Four reboot.) Please feed this movie after midnight, but feed it poison!

**Babysitter Massacre sounds like it would be cooler if it was a straight horror movie version of The Babysitters Club instead of a sort of the same.

**Wasp Cystomastacoides kiddo is named after Beatrix Kiddo from Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill.

**These damn Pylopagurus discoidalis hermit crabs just can’t be found alive, except for now when they did. Also they named them The Three Amigos after the film.
three amigos hermit crabs

That’s it until next time, bur remember, keep safe and keep loved!