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Metallic Attraction: Kung Fu Cyborg new poster and promo costume guy

Metallic Attraction: Kung Fu Cyborg opens August 13th, so here is a poster for it. This is the Chinese Transformers film that was once known as Robot and we have covered before here here and here. The film is starring Hu Jun, Alex Fong, Sun Li, Ronald Cheng, Wu Jing, and Gan Wei.

God created Man in his own image; Man creates robot in his own image. Just as man doubts God, does robot not doubt man?

In 2046, technological advancements keep improving human lives, as well as renewing their desires. So, robots, created to serve man, are born.

The first generation AI android, K-1 (Alex Fong), has just been invented secretly at Tian An Science Lab, with the aim of carrying out dangerous tasks for the police, to safeguard the human law enforcers against injuries and deaths. To test its functionality, commissioner Lin Xiang stations him at a remote town for on job training, putting him under the charge of the local sheriff Xu Da Chun (Hu Jun), with his actual identity a closely guarded secret.

K-1 joins the police force under the assumed name De Ming, immediately cracking various cases effortlessly. With perfect socialising routines, De Ming becomes idolised by the townsfolk in no time, while female cop Su Mei (Sun Li) falls head over heels for him.


De Ming and Xu Da Chun are assigned to apprehend a runaway robot K-88 (Wu Jing), which is suspected to have errant AI. After a mind-blowing hi-tech battle involving aerial, underground chases and exchanges, as well as 72 transformations, the invincible K-88 explains his reason for escaping, “For freedom, not wanting to be a mere robot forever.” He even admonishes De Ming for being an electronic slave.


Meanwhile, assassination robots, under order to terminate any defectors, are arriving in the town…


Also someone showed up in costume for the Shanghai Film Festival opening:

HKMDB News is the source

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Metallic Attraction: Kung Fu Cyborg robots revealed

Jeffery Lau revealed one of the robot cops in his upcoming film Metallic Attaction: Kung Fu Cyborg (formally Robot but probably better known around the net as the Chinese Transformers film) The robot revealed has been dubbed K100.

If you want to see him in action, Twitch pulled the trailer. Notice the guy who also looks a lot like Data with normal skin.

Jeffery Lau also hinted at plans for a series, whether this is a TV sereis or several movies I do not know.

A previous article with the cast listed is here

photo credit
HKMDB blog source

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Giant Robots invading political cartoons

Not sure who did this, but it has a giant robot smashing stuff, so it is all right by me!

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Live action Robot Taekwon V

Korea’s first animated feature film was Robot Taekwon V, released in 1976. In America, it was known as Voltar the Invincible.

Plot stolen from wikipedia:

Dr. Kaff (or Dr. Cops in Korean), an evil scientist bent on world domination, creates an army of giant robots to kidnap world-class athletes and conquer the world. To fight off this attack, Dr. Kim creates Robot Taekwon V. Kim Hoon, the taekwon-do champion eldest son of Dr Kim, pilots Robot Taekwon V either mechanically or through his physical power by merging his taekwon-do movements with the robot. Comic relief is provided by Kim Hoon’s younger brother, elementary school student Kim Cheol. He has fashioned himself as “Tin-Can Robot Cheol” by cutting eyeholes in a tea kettle and wearing it on his head. Kim Hoon’s girlfriend, Yoon Yeong-hee, is a pilot and taekwon-do practitioner. She can also operate Robot Taekwon V with buttons and levers, and pilots Kim Hoon in and out of the robot.

Basically, creator Kim Cheong-gi took the Japanese Mazinger Z, and modified it into a Korean-nationalistic giant robot epic. Sequels were spawned, and money was made. But nothing has happened for a while, until now. A live action Robot Taekwon V is going to be released in 2009. It will be directed by Won Shin-yeon and some effects tests have shown up online.

Link to effects test.

Looks pretty impressive. I wonder if the will keep the camera angles used there, as it makes it look like another found footage film with the human-held camera impression.

Robot Taekwon V
Robot Taekwon V

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