[adrotate banner=”1″]It’s time to see some wonderful conservative photochops! And not just because I save these right to my desktop like a moron so their stupid thumbnails are staring me in the face every time I turn on my laptop. The tiny evil, begging to be clicked on to stain the souls of the innocent, turning you into a bitter old guy. Bitter, bitter, everywhere. It’s the Bitter Tea of General Yen. Get that old reference! And I doubt any of these guys are really Asian, but then, General Yen wasn’t really played by an Asian guy, either!

I have no idea what the frak this is

click for huge

The guy who posted this called it “Bamopoly” because he can’t read the photoshop correctly! (Click for Huge)

Who is he? Ringo Starr? Thor, God of Thunder? Jem, who is truly outrageous?

Some human being actually made this

Because black people!

He’s is a animated gif from back with the teabaggers were in love with Scott Brown! And thank goodness they had Obama getting hit by the truck and not dragged behind it… and Niger

[adrotate banner=”1″]Niger is just one letter off from’s favorite word that none of them say because it is the only thing you can say that is actually racist, according to them. But what happens when actual news happens in the country of Niger? Obviously, N-word jokes! Ah, FreeRepublic, so hilarious it hurts….or maybe that pain is my soul imploding…

Here comes the posts!

babygene gets close, but then the ball gets hit out of the park…

Congrats to Pessimist for being our Racist Douchebag of the Day!

Old Texan agrees with Pessimist that he wants to celebrate throwing around racial slurs like they’re candy at the parade.

We must avoid confusing the old white racist demographic!

Another douchebag joins the chorus!

If you think this is just an isolated incident, then you probably haven’t read a damn thing we’ve been posting on the TarsTarkas.NET Blog for a while now. So you should probably stick around and read some more. Friend of the site and fellow goon Seventyfour did some work on the Niger tag on FR and found more examples of the same lame “joke”

Story goes up…

july4thfreedomfoundation is here to take the bait!

Next up…

Next down…

Story up…

And the joke is broken by the guy who posted the article, Loyalist

naturalborn is a Birther and a racist? How can that be?

Hey, look, Loyalist posting another article so he can make the same racist joke!

One more article…

Again posted by Loyalist, making the same racist joke again! He loves that racist joke so much, he married it!

Oh…I have the feeling this won’t be the end of Niger jokes….

Wingnut Web – The IRS are the REAL TERRORISTS Editon

[adrotate banner=”1″]So a crazy crazy dumbass named Andrew Joseph Stack III got mad because the IRS didn’t fall for his fake religion con and wanted money, so he burned down his house with his family still inside (they got out thankfully) and then crashed a plan into an IRS building. Seriously, he was crazy. And he posted a gigantic rant on the internet filled to the brim with crazy craziness. It looks like he killed two people with his crazy stunt. So what is the reaction of our favorite Wingnuts? Will they cheer on someone attacking the IRS? Or condemn the crazy guy for being crazy? Let’s find out….

It’s okay to kill people if they’re people I don’t like

Killing innocent people? Hilarious! Hehehe….. Snort!

Quoting this dude just because he has a giant Viking picture for a sig!

Paying your fair share and funding infrastructure that makes America great is Terrorism!

Bookie1066 – thinks killing 5000 people is a good idea. Also bonus crazy sig!

Sancho Iligalo! Hilarious! You should write for Seinfeld!

skimbell is happy because crazy people go crazy and he can sit at his computer and do nothing while pretending to be a “Patriot” while another moron declares the IRS is the real terrorists

Let’s drop a bomb of crazy into this thread!

Someone will cheer if people go Henry Bowman? Who is Henry Bowman? Only the main character of a novel Unintended Consequences (popular at gun shows!) where he spends the whole thing gunning down Government Employees. And this fucker will cheer them on. That’s a real terrorist! chose to NOT delete this comment.

Dead Corpse is another crazy mo-fo. He’s an OathKeeper and a 3%er, meaning he’s a paramilitary crazy frakface.

And also desperate to overthrow the US government!

Don’t insult my Texas Secession buddies!!!

metmom is another one who hates the IRS and thinks anyone who doesn’t want to kill them is a terrorist sympathizer!

Joe Stack is the GREATEST AMERICAN HERO WHO EVER LIVED! You only wish you were patriotic enough to burn down your own home while your family was inside! GI Joe has NOTHING on Joe Stack!

First reply of the first thread about the plane hitting the building:


RoseofTexas thinks she’s living in Gotham City!

Joe Stack was framed! 2-18 Trutherism!

Everything that ever happens ever is a terrorist attack!

They will cover up this crash and no one will acknowledge it happened!

Bill 0’Reilly (notice the ZERO they used in his name so he can’t search on Google for them talking about him!) is in on the 2-18 conspiracy theory!

Quick! Spin him away from us!

Crashing into buildings will help us….somehow!

If this guy knew about Obama, he’d crash planes into dozens of buildings!

No, Holocaust Shooter James Wenneker von Brunn WAS a White Supremacist and he POSTED ON FREEREPUBLIC.COM!!!! What the frak??? FreeRepublic deleted all his posts! More here!

If he did, it would just get deleted

Let’s check in on how Joe Stack is getting spinned now:
I see….

And what does Resistnet think of all this???

Until next time….

Captain America battles Teabaggers, Marvel apologizes

[adrotate banner=”1″]First, let me apologize for the lateness of this post. Between ER visits, my wife’s birthday, and Valentine’s day, this kept getting delayed to the point where it became a huge story.

For those of you who had equally busy lives this week, you may not know that in a recent issue of Captain America (#602), the good Captain and his friend Falcon need to go undercover in an anti-government group. A group that has protests against the Federal Government, and carried signs identifying them as Teabaggers. Par for the course, as Captain America has regularly taken on enemies of America. But, the Teabaggers in real life were angry. They were mad at the picture stories that said they were bad, so they threw a temper tantrum and screamed until Marvel apologized.

Marvel is now owned by Disney, who the Fundies hate anyway because Mickey Mouse doesn’t stone the gays at the theme parks, so pretty much anything Marvel doesn’t isn’t going to appease crazy idiots who weren’t buying your stuff in the first place. So I say, don’t bother to apologize, because there is nothing to be ashamed of in fighting Right wing idiots bent on warping the country into their own personal Hell.

So here is the offending panels (Click for HUGE!):

And here are some typical reactions:

These comic books are something only losers read, that’s why I’ll make a big fuss!

The free market is obviously a sign of outside foreign influences! And good job not reading Liberality!

Bryanw92 boycotts everything, leaving him nothing to do but to sit in the dirt. On the RIGHT side of the dirt.

Sooooo much stupid in one tiny little post!

Before the Internet Marvel was 100% hippies selling arms to Saigon

Oh, Travis McGee, your racist screed will be featured here soon enough…

Maybe if SevenofNine (don’t tell him the Federation are space socialists!) actually read comics he would be able to speak English.

First of all: Taint. Second of all: Free market, baby!

Rastus sure reads a lot of comics for hating comics so much. Even I don’t know that much about Seige! I did read Planet Hulk, and I recommend it to everyone.

Yeah, make your protests even more of a giant circus! Please?

For some perspective, besides Captain America’s own title, one of the best Captain America books was What If?, which featured various alternate outcomes of classic Marvel Comics events. Thus, Captain America showed up a lot, and many times fought against evil duplicate Captain Americas. In this particular one, a crazy, Right Wing guy has assumed the role of Captain America and proceeds to make it into what is probably a Teabagger’s wet dream:


But then the Real Captain America returns to beat down the crazy:

So What If? rules, Captain America rules, and Teabaggers don’t. – Obama never attended Columbia University

[adrotate banner=”1″]Chinese stooges and their new best bud convicted felon Pastor David Manning have just spend an exhaustive investigation of looking at pixellated Japanese porn and have concluded that Barack Obama never attended Columbia University. declares:
1) Columbia University will not divulge whether the “alleged” diploma issued was in the name of Barry Soetoro or Barack Hussein Obama. No public record exists regarding the diploma.

2) Obama alleges he attended Columbia in 1982, 1983. But, the investigators have been UNABLE to turn up a single shred of written documentation for the years 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984 that show where Obama appeared on a school roster, register, faculty memo, bulletin board, school awards, dean’s list; where Obama’s name appeared in a yearbook, club record, fraternity record, extra curricular activity member roster, student newspaper, student radio or tv activity; where Obama appeared in any records as a worker, employee, laborer in or about Columbia University; where Obama enrolled in any sports activity or program.

3) As a graduating senior in 1983 he does not appear in any Political Science (his major) or Granduating Class yearbook or invitation records.

4) There is absolutely no documentation of any kind to show Obama attended, lived, worked or played at Columbia University during the investigated 4 years.

5) Interviewed professors, college employees, students (who were at Columbia during the years in question) have failed to turn up a single person that can remember Obama. This is irrefutable evidence. Think about your own situation if Obama had attended your college? A “now-famous” person went to your school? Many would be able to say, “of course I remember.” At Columbia, not a single person has been able to say he or she remembers Obama.

One small problem, there is all this evidence that he did attend Columbia University. All easily found on Google in a matter of seconds. But no problem!

The commentors on the blog were ecstatic over the discovery…

If I declare everything about Barry Soetoro lies then I can claim anything!

It is a good day when people die, just like Jesus said in the Bible. Oh, wait, I meant Worf on Star Trek…

Barack Obama doesn’t keep his Columbia diploma in his back pocket to show to people, thus it doesn’t exist!

One guy=entire black community.

How dumb to you have to be to get banned from

Rev. Manning is part of the conspiracy of disinformation! He’s the real long-legged mackdaddy!

This guy can’t even spell birth certificate, much less know what one looks like

Go back to writing science fiction novels, Kevin Anderson!

The news hit like a ton of bricks, and soon bricks were crapped in every direction as the crazies fought to be the most crazies while voices of reason were ignored like the RINOs they are. Only REAL PATRIOTS know that Barack Hussein Obama was born of a pod and had no real parents, only the genetic donations of Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Malcolm X, an actual black panther, and Dolemite.

We are seekers. Seekers of poo!

A black zombie, of course…

Galtoid is willfully ignoring the links I posted above, many of which are in that Freeper thread.

Speaking of which….But wait, that means Barack Obama roomed with Al Qaeda! I got you now, Barry S.!

Everyone is covering everything up. They even blew up the shuttle Columbia to help cover Obama’s Columbia records!

ETL is freaking crazy, but at least he doesn’t believe Obama is the Anti-Christ. And bonus “revenge against the libs” guy who will probably try to burn down your house if Palin is elected in 2012.

Barack Obama – armed truck robber! I think someone needs to stop watching Armed and Dangerous! No, wait, that movie rules. Everyone needs to watch Armed and Dangerous!

Sorry, I didn’t read this post, I was thinking about that scene in Armed and Dangerous where John Candy gets in the Semi and that cool dude starts driving through traffic….

“Everything will fall down like a house of cards” and similar phrases are in about 50% of these posts, so if you ever want to pretend to be a Birther you have to use that phrase every other post.

In 18 months, Missouri gal is going to be very disappointed.

What the frak is this crap?

Freeper poetry.

Only can get to the bottom of this mess! To the Freepmobile! Wait, the Freepmobile is a rascal scooter…

mojitojoe, racist extraordinaire, I have saved your post to laugh at in 2012.

Of course, no man would have a mustache like that…

The most retarded photoshop conspiracy on Freep of the day belongs to…

Hey, you, guy with actual facts! Get out of here!

You see, the negroes are all such slores that they are all related due to childhood sex.

Just think of Kent Brockman screaming “It’s in Revelations, people!”

Luckily, we’ll be saved when John Candy shoots his 50 caliber handgun at the car with Palin in it and it crashes into the tanker truck filled with rocket fuel…

Yes, it is a mystery indeed!

Now With bonus Dr. Orly Taitz Birth craziness!

Rev. Dr. Mr. HM Orly Hussein Taitz Jr. Esq TE has uploaded this secret document sent to her of Barack Hussein Obama’s mother’s forged Social Security card. As you can see, this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt Barack Obama had no mother!


Thanks to User-Friendly and Seventyfour for the tips!

2010 Can'tidates – Rosanna Pulido is back!

[adrotate banner=”1″]Rosanna Pulido – aka chicagolady – who we met last year and helped expose as a radical Minuteman and FreeRepublic message board poster of naughty statements (thus getting our names in Chicagoe newspaper websites) – returned to run for the same Illinois 5th Congressional seat in 2010 that she lost in 2009. Despite branding herself a 9-12 Candidate (which confused me because I wasn’t sure if she was even running as a Republican this time) she managed to be in the Republican primary for IL-5 and got beat down:

Ratowitz 5,527 39.6%
Pulido 4,601 33.0%
Lad 3,819 27.4%

I don’t know who Lad is, but good job getting less votes than the FreeRepublic candidate!

Pulido’s official site is

And she hasn’t learned to stop making hateful posts on!

RINO no-no!

Rosanna loves her home city!

Woman Found Dead at McDonald’s Food Processing Plant
Pulido posts a thread insulting the guy who kicked her butt in the special election (Congressman Mike Quigley) for daring to support gay rights and not wanting them all to die in a ditch!

No guns for Negroes????

It’s a conspiracy among Whites newspaper people to go bankrupt!

More NY-23 victory delusions

Sheriff Joe for gov

RINOs for Illionois Gov – Republican Andy McKenna

Thanks to Brown Moses, POTUShead, Keels, and the rest of the Jeepers Freepers LF crew! Sorry this didn’t get put up until after she lost, but better late than never (and maybe she’ll show up as a third party candidate anyway!)