Samantha’s Sexy Summer

Samantha’s Sexy Summer

Written and directed by Francis Locke

Samantha's Sexy Summer
Can you hear me now?

Another Torchlight Picture that takes place mostly in the middle of the desert! Except they have ditched the random archaeology or photography themes and instead are using a vacation theme. National Lampoon’s Desert Vacation. But don’t worry, this has all the Torchlight Picture/Francis Locke motifs:

  • The desert
  • A run-down hotel
  • A long shower sequence in the run-down hotel
  • Sex scenes bordering on 15 minutes long
  • Dialogue in-between said sex sequences bordering on 2 minutes long
  • Music by Blade Simpson

The pair of women in Samantha’s Sexy Summer have more silicone and collagen injections than an entire baseball team of Tiger Woods mistresses. And since the both play their identical twin sisters, it’s a quad dose of fake boobs!

Samantha's Sexy Summer
Feel the sexy summer!

Samantha (Tabitha Stevens) – a desert-obsessed vacationer who is sort of searching for the friends she’s meeting there along with Raycene, but they keep getting distracted by all of their lesbian sex.
Raycene (Frankie Dashwood) – Brought along with Samantha to the desert where they both search for their identical twins and Marty. If they can keep their hands off each other!
Marty (Jourdain Lefue) – Marty once had a fling with Samantha in the desert, forming Samantha’s new-found desert fetish. Now he’s back with Samantha and Raycene’s sisters.
Dean (Tabitha Stevens) – Samantha’s twin sister who is totally identical to Samantha in every way, including tattoos. The only difference is Samantha wears her hair down instead of a pony tail!
Raycene’s Twin Sister (Frankie Dashwood) – Raycene’s Twin Sister never even gets a name, and never wears clothes. The only difference between the siblings is her hair is up while Raycene’s is down.
Samantha's Sexy Summer
If you ask “Can you hear me now?” one more time, I’ll hunt you down and gut you!

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