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Killing Daddy never felt so good, on Lifetime!

Killing Daddy Lifetime

Gee, which one could possibly be the evil one?

Revenge is a dish best served crazy with Lifetime’s latest original movie, Killing Daddy! A daughter is out to destroy her family after blaming her dad for her mom’s suicide, but family secrets and revenge make a perfect cocktail of Lifetime movie fun. Just from the sample pictures of Cassie Ross dressed up all dark and evil looking, or made up to look like a psych ward patient, you can expect a fun ride!

Cassie Ross is scarred by the suicide of her mother, which occurred when Cassie was a child. She is convinced that her father was to blame for her mother’s death. Cassie’s older sister, Laura, has always sided with their father, so for years Cassie has been estranged from her family. When Cassie discovers that her father has had a debilitating stroke, she sees it as the perfect opportunity to return home and seek justice for her mother. Confiding in her mute and helpless father her plans to destroy her sister and stepmother and ultimately kill him, Cassie sets out on her path to destroy her broken family and take all of their riches. But Cassie’s revenge won’t come as easy as she thinks as hidden truths about her family may derail her entire plan.

Killing Daddy stars Elizabeth Gillies, Cynthia Stevenson, and William Moses. Director Curtis Crawford is a Lifetime vet having helmed four similarly titled films: The Boy She Met Online, The Wife He Met Online, The Husband She Met Online, and The Girl He Met Online. He also worked on the Teddy Ruxpin cartoon. Writer Trent Haaga wrote Heebie Jeebies.

Killing Daddy airs July 5th on Lifetime!

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