There will be a Sex and Zen 4D

[adrotate banner=”1″]It’s true, a 4D Sex and Zen is coming, it was just announced. Heck, the original made buckets of cash, so a sequel was inevitable. Not sure what the 4D will be. Just a number change for the sequel? Total immersion? Vibrating seats? Actual porn stars have sex with you during the film? People running up and down the theater aisles spinning wheels on giant fake dongs? Smell-o-vision? The world awaits with baited breath. Okay, maybe they don’t await that baitedly. If you pay whatever the fee is and can read Chinese, you can read the rest of the article and it will explain the 4D. I’m hoping this means we get the 34D Invader, even though I think the original didn’t do so hot at the box office. I also think that is Sora Aoi in the link, so maybe she’s going to be in it, or the producer just likes to mention hot women to build up buzz.

UPDATE: Someone bothered to translate the article, so now we know the tentative title is 4D Sex and Zen: Slayer of a Thousand from the Mysterious East. And the 4D is just vibrating seats. Also Sora Aoi’s bandmates from Ebisu Muscats will also be in the film, as well as Alina Xu

Sora Aoi

It's me in - count them - FOUR dimensions!

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