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Species: The Awakening (Review)

Species: The Awakening

aka Species 4
Species the Awakening Species 4
Written by Ben Ripley
Based on characters created by Dennis Feldman
Directed by Nick Lyon

Species the Awakening Species 4
The Species franchise transitioned from femme fueled Freudian nightmare to direct to video science fiction dreck so quickly that by installment number four materialized – Species: The Awakening – I had long ago put it on my lower priorities list. There, Species 4 sat, until one day I restumbled across it and decided to try it out. After all, I will get an answer to what 1902 is! (That’s the number that the camera panned to ominously at the conclusion of Species III, thus it must mean something!)
Species the Awakening Species 4
Species: The Awakening continues the premise of the prior installment in stating that there are already members of the alien Species living amongst us in hiding. While in Species 3 they were all surviving offspring of Eve or the astronaut guy from Species 2, here they were created in a lab in Mexico that does the same research that created the original alien creature in the first film. Except now in a much more safe form, in that they only kill a lot of people instead of every person.
Species the Awakening Species 4
Our lead Miranda Hollander (Helena Mattsson) is one just creation of this group, a young woman who doesn’t even know she’s the product of alien DNA technology, living a quiet life as a blooming academic with a bright future ahead of her. She’s raised by her uncle Tom (Ben Cross), who unbeknownst to her but beknownst to us, helped create her before abandoning the research because of moral quandaries. But once she gets sick and begins reverting back to Species form and goes on a killing spree, he now needs to reconnect with his former partner in order to save her life.
Species the Awakening Species 4
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Movie News Droppings

Daredevil is getting rebooted, complete with the awesome writer of the greatest film ever, the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still! I’m so excited I could vomit! I wonder if this will get the Twilight Treatment it looks like the Spiderman franchise is getting. Teenage Daredevil, a sparkling demon sitting in class, when suddenly this ninja chick Elektra moves in and there is a love triangle with werewolf Bullseye…

The Stretch Armstrong movie has found it’s Stretch Armstrong, Twilight werewolf boy Taylor Lautner! And it will be in 3-D.

AICN is reporting Tron Legacy (aka Tron 2) may be the first of several more Tron stuff, including a TV series and a third film. Assuming it doesn’t Tron tank at the box office.

The Asylum’s trailer for their Sherlock Holmes mockbuster is up, watch as Holmes and Watson fight giant monsters and Spring Heeled Jack (played by Enterprise regular Dominic Keating) Thanks to Avery for the link

Foywonder has up the 8th Foycast (complete with the worst DTV horror of 2009), as well as the February Foyeruism. Suggested listening and reading!

Takashi Miike’s upcoming Zebraman 2 is getting a spin-off as well! Revenge of the Zebra Miniskirt Police! Seriously. And the three actresses won their roles thanks to a tv show contest, according to a commentor at Twitch. Hopefully the Miike connection will keep this flick from becoming lost in the Japanese DTV sea.

For a review of the original Zebraman, put one up recently!

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