Mommy’s Little Girl is good clean Lifetime fun!

Mommy's Little Girl Lifetime

Time to punish all Bratz dolls!

Holy crap, Mommy’s Little Girl looks fantastically cheesy! A tiny girl becomes the villain as she leaves a trail of bodies against all those that stand between her and her mom! This includes the awesome scene in the trailer of her bashing a dude in the back of the head with a baseball bat! This is Lifetime I can get behind!

Eleven year-old Sadie was raised in a remote country house by her controlling grandparents. Now finally reunited with her mother, she won’t let anything, or anyone, get in the way of her new found happiness.

Mommy’s Little Girl stars Fiona Gubelman(911 Nightmare), Emma Hentschel(Open Heart), and James Gallanders(Bride of Chucky). It is written by longtime Lifetime contributor Christine Conradt (So many Lifetime movies it is crazy!) and directed by Curtis Crawford (Killing Daddy, all the ___ Met Online movies) Basically, this is the strongest pedigree of Lifetime movies you can hope for, and the trailer in the link looks amazing, so it is a definite much watch!

Mommy’s Little Girl premieres Saturday, March 19, on Lifetime!

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Mommy's Little Girl Lifetime

The Sandlot reboot went its own way…

The Bride He Bought Online brings killer internet pranks to Lifetime!

The Bride He Bought Online Lifetime

Is there anything more scary than high school girls??? Okay, maybe the internet…

Teenagers and the internet are like gasoline and matches in the hands of Lifetime! With The Bride He Bought Online, teen girls pranking a guy into thinking he bought a woman turns tragic when the man turns out to be crazy. I know, disturbed people on the internet? What fiction! But is is real enough for our trio of heroines, who aren’t that nice either, so who are we rooting for? Blood and death, that’s who!

The Bride He Bought Online is the directorial debut of Lifetime Channel superstar Christine Conradt, who has written around forty of the channel’s most ridiculous movies, including most of the “_____ at 17” films and the “____________ He/She Met Online” movies. Conradt knows how to deliver a good script full of crazy scenes, and her connections have probably allowed her to be on set for many of these films. So I think things are in good hands, and I hope this is the beginning of a whole new slew of Christine Conradt Lifetime mania!

Driven by the growing popularity of a prank blog they’ve created, three teen girls decide to play a ‘catfishing’ joke. They create a fake profile of a beautiful woman on an international mail order bride site, and then wait to see which “pathetic losers” fall for her. One does– a lonely, unstable computer programmer named John. After weeks of being led on, John buys the fictitious woman a plane ticket to come visit him in the U.S. The girls show up at the airport to film his devastation, but when his bride doesn’t show, something snaps in John. The teens have no clue that the man they duped is deeply disturbed and will plan an inconceivable revenge that they will be lucky to survive.

Teens, a crazy guy, the Internet coming to kill you, midriffs, Baywatch alums, kidnappings, and follower count obsessions mean this Lifetime flick looks tops!

The Bride He Bought Online stars Anne Winters, Travis Hammer, Lauren Gaw, Annalisa Cochrane, Alexandra Paul, and Jamie Luner. It is written and directed by Christine Conradt.

The Bride He Bought Online premieres Saturday, July 18th on Lifetime!

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Guilty at 17 proves 17 is the most dangerous age to be on Lifetime!

Guilty at 17 Lifetime

I was guilty at 16 because I’m an early bloomer!

Lifetime is back in the teen torturing business with the latest entry in the “at 17” canon, Guilty at 17! You will be thrilled to see how Traci’s life goes completely crazy once she’s convinced to lie about a teacher at school. Yes, she’s guilty of perjury! And also of feeling guilty. That’s the deepest cut of them all…

Christine Conradt has written an extensive number of Lifetime films, including all these examples of bad things that happen at age 17: Dead at 17, Accused at 17, Betrayed at 17, Stalked at 17, and Missing at 17. Basically, in the Lifetime Universe, age 17 is the worst year ever! Conradt also wrote The Mentor and The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom. She’s Lifetime’s secret weapon of awesome!

This time she’s joined by David DeCrane and Douglas Howell. DeCrane is a producer who has cowritten several of the Lifetime flicks he works on, and Howell is a PA/producer who also dabbles in cowritting. Director Anthony Lefresne helmed The Mentor, Another Man’s Wife, and was assistant director on a huge chunk of Lifetime’s recent movies.

When 17-year-old Traci is lured into claiming she saw her high school teacher, Mr. Adams, sexually harass another student, Devon, she believes she’s doing the right thing. According to Devon, whenever they are alone Mr. Adams has been sexually inappropriate. When the scandal breaks and Adams is fired, Traci is horrified to find out that, two days later, the distraught man has committed suicide. On top of it, Traci’s father suffers a heart attack and she is still dealing with the loss of her track scholarship after tearing her knee. Incredibly distraught, Traci opens up to June, a new substitute teacher at the school that she has started to befriend. She doesn’t know that June is actually Adams’ daughter who got a job at the school so she could find out what really happened between her father and Devon. Seeing Traci is about to cave, June presses the girl to tell her the truth. Fearing she may soon be exposed, Devon and her boyfriend Jay decide to take matters in their own hands to prevent Traci’s confession…

Guilty at 17 stars Erin Sanders as Traci, Chloe Rose as Devon, Alex Paxton-Beesley as June, Catherine Dent, Michael Woods, Rod Stewart, Kevin Bundy, Jefferson Brown, Zach Peladeau, and Vanessa Morgan.

Guilty at 17 premieres Saturday, July 20th on Lifetime!

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The Mentor – Lifetime meets evil, and it’s a man!

The Mentor Lifetime

Lifetime is taking a break from novel adaptations and play adaptations and killer internet tales to go old school, and by that I mean breaking out the evil evil men! The Mentor features an obsessed stalker coworker who acts as a mentor to his victim. Throw in a dead kid and a stressed marriage, and this is like a superflu version of a regular Lifetime film, multiple plots rolled into one! Hopefully it’s far more fun than Captain Trips…

The Mentor is yet another film written by Lifetime super-star Christine Conradt, who must be single-handedly keeping Lifetime in the movie business by the rate that she keeps pumping out scripts! Director Anthony Lefresne has directed Another Man’s Wife and the upcoming Guilty at 17 (another in the at 17 series!)

Battlestar Galactica alum Aaron Douglas plays the stalker/mentor Paul Allenham, Jes Macallan plays the woman who gets an awful coworker, and Nic Bishop plays her estranged husband.

For some reason there isn’t much about this film at all on Lifetime’s site, they are barely acknowledging it’s a new film and have skipped on to promoting Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs, and the only promo shot is an image so bad even Aaron Douglas has made fun of it! But TarsTarkas.NET is on the case, and that shot is the one at the top of this article!

Elizabeth May tries to put the loss of her eight-year-old daughter behind her by going back to teaching. Under the stress of the tragedy her husband Brian May has moved out while Elizabeth is desperate to save her marriage and return to a life of normalcy. In her new job she is assigned a mentor, Paul Allenham, who is hiding a deep dark violent past. Paul has an immediate and unsettling attraction to Elizabeth; he will do anything to secure her love.

The Mentor premieres June 14th on Lifetime!

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The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom is a secret no more on Lifetime!

The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom Lifetime

Wow, this secret sex life is too hot for tv!

Delaine Moore’s biographical book The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom gained a following in the post-50 Shades world due to its frank discussion of female sexuality without becoming outright hardcore. The fact it was well written also helped. Moore describes her adventures post-divorce, where she went on a sexual empowerment journey that let her discover that she didn’t have to be defined just as a divorced mother, but could be a whole person who could determine for herself what gave her satisfaction.

Some of the things she does would cast more towards the “deviant” side for mainstream television, but this is almost the perfect movie for Lifetime. A divorced single mom and lots of sexy empowering scenarios? Talk about your perfect target demographic material! And we all know that Lifetime will make sure something ridiculous is in there, but there should be a lot of fun, and perhaps this will even turn into an underground Lifetime classic. Not because it’s ridiculous, but because it’s a much-needed message for women today.

The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom stars Alex Carter, Wesley Morgan, Jeff Roop, Ashley Jones, and Cynthia Preston. It’s directed by John L’Ecuyer (Sorority Surrogate), and Lifetime all-star Christine Conradt adapted it from Delaine Moore’s book.

Based on the memoir by Canadian author Delaine Moore.

Delaine Morris is a devoted wife and mother who has built her life — and identity — around her family. When she discovers her husband is having an affair, she’s prompted to see how broken her marriage really is; and she can no longer subsist on self-told lies and excuses.

Coaxed by friends into trying online dating, Delaine begins corresponding with “The Duke”. Even though he lives far away, she’s hooked: His views on women’s sexuality and power both shock and captivate her. Under his online ‘mentorship’, Delaine begins dating local men and rediscovering the ambition, assertiveness and sexual desire she has been missing for so many years. But despite her strides forward in reclaiming her body and self, one pervasive thought won’t leave her alone: What would happen if she and The Duke actually met?

The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom airs Saturday May 31st on Lifetime!

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