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It’s that time again! No, not time to bury the hatchet! I’m still bitter after all these years, Tina Yothers… It’s time to link a bunch of cool posts on cool blogs and then some news stories and stuff and ramble on a bit.

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**The Jewish Stars of Bollywood

**Cool article that starts out trying to find the name of Radar from M*A*S*H’s teddy bear and ends with a discussion on tv culture in general

**Did you know there was an Alien stage show, performed by bus drivers? Now you know.
Alien Bus Drivers

**Coelacanth DNA makes mice sprout limbs! The genes are probably related to how ancient fish switched from fins to legs as walking on land became a bigger and bigger lure.

**Screw you, Pelusios seychellensis, you were never real to begin with!


ZombOObies exploded onto the social web last year, but there hasn’t been much news since then about the film being completed. What looks like a cool take on the Sushi Typhoon ultra gore flicks will hopefully see the light of day in 2013. The awesome Cathy Shim stars with Diana Toshiko and Marisa Tayui. Francois Fujimoto directs. Official site here.

While conducting experiments to create “the perfect boobs” a group of doctors are transformed into Evil Mutant Creatures with an unstoppable hunger for boobs! See our hot action women fight to keep their perfect breasts out of the evil doctors’ mutant hands!!!

Cathy Shim Zomboobies


**Also keep an eye out for DJ Girl, the movie about a girl, who decides to be a DJ, so she can date a DJ. The trailer is something you have to see. It’s a shame this has been sitting in a box for three years. Official DJ Girl site

I hope you enjoyed this journey together through the realm of links and crap. Any suggestions for next time, fell free to drop them below or via email!

Heebie Jeebies

Heebie Jeebies

Written by Trent Haaga
Directed by Thomas L. Callaway

Heebie Jeebies
Gold prices skyrocket as the fear monster eats world gold supplies, mocks bitcoins

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself—and also mining accident fear monsters out for revenge!” — Franklin Delano Roosevelt, shortly before battling the mining accident fear monster that cost him the use of his legs.

Fear. Nothing is more scary, except maybe terror. Now, it is hard to have a concept such as fear attacking people on a SyFy creature feature, so we have the next best thing, a creature that attacks by causing fear. Heebie Jeebies is not just a goofy title, it’s a concept that extends to the plot. To drive the whole fear thing home, the main character even gets panic attacks!

Heebie Jeebies
The Man with the Golden Gun? We ate him!

Heebie Jeebies gets points for having an innovative monster design and concept, and being a parable about how greed is bad and ultimately destructive. It also gives us a glimpse of the history of exploited immigrant miners. The Asian-American family’s dynamic is similar to actual Asian-American families I know, it’s cool to see characters jumping back and forth between languages. It does lose points for having the only black character be a criminal.

What is weird is I watched Heebie Jeebies back to back with Flying Monkeys, and Tyler Forrest is in both of them. In Flying Monkeys, he plays a creepy guy, while in Heebie Jeebies, he plays a terrible boyfriend. As Louisiana seems to be the new it location for filming SyFy films (at least as long as the tax breaks last!) I expect Tyler Forrest will be showing up a lot!

Director Thomas L. Callaway has had an insanely awesome cinematography career (Critters 3 and 4, Road House 2, Who’s Your Caddy?), but has only helmed one other film, 2007’s Broke Sky. Writer Trent Haaga is a hardworking actor/writer/producer who has some Troma roots.

Heebie Jeebies
A terrible Mr. T costume…

Todd Crane (Robert Belushi) – Small town cop who has crippling panic attacks, like all good cops. Is working on controlling his attacks with meditation therapy with Theresa. Is investigating the mysterious murders committed by what turns out to be a revenge monster while trying to be a parent to his little sister. Robert Belushi is James Belushi’s son.
Theresa Lim (Cathy Shim) – Doctor and medical examiner who becomes extra busy thanks to the rash of murders and the simultaneous freak out of her grandmother who knows more than she lets on. Is also helping Todd meditate in what is prelude to a romance. Cathy Shim is awesome, and deserves to be more famous. She’s probably best known for Reno:911 and 3Way.
Billy Butler (Michael Badalucco) – Local mine owner and owner of a cash for gold business. He’s like one of those obnoxiously hilarious local commercials come to life. Just think Boss Hogg meets Yukon Cornelious. Gets gold fever when he sees the monster bleeds gold and tries to capture it.
Zu Mu (Lucille Soong) – A Tiger Grandma of Theresa and Tracy, who knows more than she hints about the awakened revenge monster. Responds by freaking out on her family, but eventually tells Todd about how Chinese laborer miners were trapped and left to die in 1840, and her ancestor – a witch – cursed the mine and created a revenge monster from the souls of the trapped miners.
Veronica Crane (Evie Thompson) – Todd’s sister, who can’t wait to get it on with her boyfriend, Mace. Veronica is desperate to have some fun in the small town, so her and her friends plan to hang out in the abandoned mine like all the cool kids do.
Mace (Dave Randolph-Mayhem Davis) – Veronica’s reluctant boyfriend, who seems very apprehensive about having the sex with Veronica. Even still, he’s probably one of the few good catches left in town.
Tracy Lim (Olivia Ku) – Theresa’s sister and Zu Mu’s granddaughter. She gets instantly grounded by Zu Mu to keep her safe, even though her grandmother doesn’t explain anything. Is rebellious and sneaks out with Veronica and their boyfriends, ending up in trouble at the mine.
Sheriff Tatum (Carl Savering) – The local sheriff who spends most of his time yelling at Todd or making bad decisions like putting lots of civilians in harms way. And he gets captured by Billy at one point. Is Mace’s dad, so he’s the genius who named his kid Mace.
Agnes Whitehead (Marion Ross) – Mrs. Cunningham from Happy Days! A retired teacher and not nice woman. Mrs. C is packing some heat, and even yells former student Todd Crane into a panic attack when he attempts to give her a ticket. Gets Heebie-Jeebied!
Fear Monster (CGI) – Monster with gold blood that eats gold. Expels fear gas to paralyze its targets with terror. Eats gold as well. Was created by a witch curse from wife of one of five miners abandoned alive underground after an accident. The best part is it has gold monster vision!
Heebie Jeebies
How about a little fire, Scarecrow!

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SyFy has the Heebie Jeebies!

This Saturday you can get your Heebie Jeebies on with SyFy”s newest creature flick! Robert Belushi, Cathy Shim, and Michael Badalucco star, as they battle a CGI mess! Robert Belushi you might remember from being Jim Belushi’s son. Did you not watch According to Jim every day???? Cathy Shim you may remember from Reno 911! or Reno 911!: Miami. Michael Badalucco you may remember from The Practice. Writer Trent Haaga wrote a film called Deathbone, which has the tagline “Prepare to be boned.” That’s all I could find out about Deathbone. This is Thomas L. Callaway’s second feature, though he has a massive career as a cinematographer.

Heebie Jeebies

We pray to the spirits of SyFy and our departed brothers and sisters: Mega Shark, Sharktopus, Python, and Mammoth