Catwomen of the Moon (Review)

Catwomen of the Moon



Victor Jory as Kip Reissner
Marie Windsor as Helen Salinger
Sonny Tufts as Laird Grainger
Carol Brewster as Alpha

From the 1950s comes this harrowing vision of the future. Well, maybe not harrowing. More like terribly inaccurate, misogynist, and low budget.

From the opening with standard 50’s Narrator/Philosopher droning on about man reaching the stars: “Why must we wait…why not now?” we are in for a rocket ride of sci-fi “fun” (shame). The intrepid crew of Moon Rocket 4 wake up on their hammocks as the first people in space. They are all white, but there is an actual woman on board!

Our Crew

Captain Laird Grainger — Jerk.
Kip Reissner — Co-Pilot. In love with…
Helen Salinger — Navigator, and an actual woman, loves Kip but is with Laird.
Walt Walters — Engineer, mustachioed and wants to make a buck on everything, especially moon souvenirs
Doug Smith — Radio Operator, young.

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