Ghost Storm rages on SyFy

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November 10 sees the premier of Ghost Storm, the true story of a storm that was full of ghosts that attacked the planet. Or some random small island so we can save on extra expenses. As the plot sez:

An action packed chase led by Hal and Ashley to save the people on this small island from a strange electrical storm which is led by angry souls from a mass suicide looking for revenge.

So they’re storm chasers? Ghost storm chasers. Was the mass suicide some dumb cult, and then everyone is mad that there was no alien spaceship to take them away so they become evil rainclouds? It’s sad when your religion is a bit off, but that’s no reason to go all crazy. Just suck it up and help water some farmer’s fields, you jerks! This is a SyFy channel original flick, so expect lots of ghosts and storms and CGI craziness and actors who were on popular shows a few years ago.
Crystal Allen, Carlos Bernard, and Aaron Douglas star. Ghost Storm is written and directed by Paul Ziller, of Sea Beast and Snakehead Terror fame.

Ghost Storm

The Surgeon General is going to put so many warnings on this film!