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Harvey Weinstein Presents Bad NRA!

Simpsons Moe Gun NRA

Do you want your children not blown away by some gun-toting psychopath? Good news! Harvey Weinstein has taken a break from badly editing Asian films before sitting on them for years and years to launch a secret project:

Mr. Weinstein then revealed his secret project about the gun rights group. “I shouldn’t say this, but I’ll tell it to you, Howard,” he said. “I’m going to make a movie with Meryl Streep, and we’re going to take this head-on. And they’re going to wish they weren’t alive after I’m done with them.”

I’m sure that will totally work and not just be an embarrassingly shrill propaganda piece that drowns out actual debate on gun culture.

The movie mogul said his vision was to scare people away from firearms. He foresees moviegoers to leave thinking, “Gun stocks — I don’t want to be involved in that stuff. It’s going to be like crash and burn.”

Yes, because so much of America is on the fence about guns that a movie will easily convince them, while weekly school shootings and two dozen tiny children being gunned down by one person does not.

All of those shootings have happened, and the federal government has done diddly squat. One of the few states to do anything, Colorado, is now facing a massive backlash due to NRA-funded recalls, which have claimed two state senators(and a third who resigned) and is now endangering the governor.

There should be serious discussions about guns and gun culture, but that will not be happening with a movie. It does not look to be happening outside of a movie, either. So I guess we’re just screwed, pass the ammunition!

I do look forward to the NRA’s response movies, which hopefully get us at least one ridiculously terrifying Guntopia vs the Government film.

via WashingtonTimes

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Posted by Tars Tarkas - January 17, 2014 at 11:40 am

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Focus on the Family is (not) Irreplaceable

Irreplaceable Focus on the Family

In fact, we could totally get rid of Focus on the Family and things would be pretty cool. But that’s not going to happen because they have money and you don’t. To expand on that, they have the money to create a documentary film about how traditional families are awesome and then broadcast it across the country using Fathom Events. Now, I don’t care what people use Fathom Events for, be it RiffTrax of Glenn Beck. But I can speak derisively at the content of those Fathom Events if they are Looney Tunes.

From the innocuous trailer, you might think Irreplaceable was some harmless fluff about how kids need love. I wish that was just the case. But the true colors are shown thanks to the host’s own words and the guest list of interviewees.

As they say:

Host of “The Family Project,” Tim Sisarich said that he believes that God’s grace and truth can inspire hope to families who have no hope. He added that God is the only architect who can show us the original design He had for the family.

Translation: If you don’t have the traditional family, you are against God. Irreplaceable is part of The Family Project, and is budgeted at $5 million.

Irreplaceable will feature such luminaries as Dr. Miriam Grossman, author of You’re Teaching My Children WHAT?, a book that says sex education is based on a bunch of lies. It also preaches gay conversion therapy, an excerpt of which can be found at

Here is my favorite quote from her:

With the brouhaha over Bristol Palin’s pregnancy, here’s a plus no one’s considered: should this young woman go to college as a married mom, she’ll be spared four years of the campus hook-up culture.

(from )

Michael Medved, who uses his film critic cred (HA!) to rant against gay marriage.

Rabbi Shmuel Goldin campaigns against the publication of gay wedding announcements in Jewish newspapers. I’m sure he’s unbiased…

Right wing nutjob Eric Metaxas, yet another guy obsessed with gays and gay sex. Anyone get the feeling there is a lot of repression going on?

But this must be even-handed, right? Speaking of irreplaceable, what if someone replaced Focus on the Family with an organization that wasn’t homophobic and regressive? Because that’s some replacing I can get behind! Someone get my replacing suit!

As the blurb says…

What is family? Does ‘family’ still matter in today’s society? NCM Fathom Events, Focus on the Family™ and Pine Creek Entertainment invite you to explore these important questions when Irreplaceable comes to select cinemas nationwide in a theatrical one-night event on Tuesday, May 6 at 7:30pm (local time).

Join host Tim Sisarich (Executive Director of Focus on the Family™ New Zealand) as he seeks to find out whether the adage, “If family fails, society fails” is true. He meets with experts around the globe to determine whether the concept of the traditional family is meaningful, or in fact outmoded. And if it is meaningful, is family worth preserving, even fighting for? On the journey he hopes to discover why all humans have a yearning to be in family – to be a part of something – and what forces contribute to the breakdown of family. Explore the origins and history of the family structure through an array of lenses and cultures.

In addition to this compelling documentary, listen to a panel discussion of experts and special guests who will wrestle with the implications family has for all of humanity. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this enlightening journey!

Irreplaceable airs May 6 2014 at theaters nationwide.

via Fathom

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Posted by Tars Tarkas - January 10, 2014 at 4:25 pm

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Atlas Shrugged mooches its way to a third installment!

Disco Stu trends

If there is one group of people who demonstrate time and time again they have no concept of the Free Market, it is libertarians. Despite lack of banking regulation destroying the world’s economy, they call for less regulation. Glorious Libertopia would feature for-profit schools, for-profit police, for-profit military, and for-profit everyone having nukes. And, yet, none of this libertarian heroes bothered to move to Somalia when there was no government there. I wonder why…

The Free Market has told the film adaptation of Atlas Shrugged to go take a hike not once, but twice! Both times, the films bombed, obviously due to Obama and the liberal media spreading lies about Atlas Shrugged. It certainly isn’t because the films are ridiculous, the story God-awful, and the ideology bankrupt and disgusting.

So doing what any good fighters against beggars and parasites would do, Atlas Shrugged has turned to Kickstarter to get Part III in theaters in time to lose money before the 2014 election.

The producers are quick to point out that they aren’t asking for the full amount, no! They only want $250,000 to supplement the $10 million budget. First of all, $10 million my foot! Someone is skimming off the top or inflating the budget (probably both!) Secondly, the $250,000 goal is stated to just be for the free publicity that Kickstarter provides. Now, Kickstarter provides no free publicity, but blog posts making fun of this action do. So in a small way, I am helping Atlas Shrugged Part III out. But in a realistic way, I’m not, because most people who drop by TarsTarkas.NET aren’t Libertarians who would be unaware that the Atlas Shrugged Kickstarter is underway. The news of the third film will have been promoted all over Wingnut websites across the WWW, in between the latest stories of how Obama did 9-11 because he’s an Illegal Communist Nazi Muslim and screaming diatribes to shut down the government, except for that Social Security money we all rely on.

Wingnut Welfare is a real phenomenon, and the producers of Atlas Shrugged must be exceptionally bad at it to require a final dose of free money directly from the rubes. Heck, even Joe the Plumber somehow has managed to make a nice existence off of free money from billionaires. This means the producers burned some very powerful bridges either through incompetence or just terrible interpersonal skills. Again, probably both.

Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt?
(the official title) has no announced cast despite a fall 2013 filming date. People looking at your calendars might note that it is currently fall 2013. As the original film had almost the entire main cast replaced for the first sequel, I think we shall see a repeat of that phenomenon.

Atlas Shrugged Part I made $4.6 million on a $20 million budget. Atlas Shrugged Part II made $3.3 million on a $10 million budget. If these trends continue, I suggest investing your money in disco record sales like Disco Stu says!

Producer Harmon Kaslow says “The day we launch the Kickstarter campaign, haters are going to come alive. They’re going to come after us in droves, attacking us everywhere online.”

To Mr. Kaslow I say “Hi!”

Kickstarter intentionally not linked.

Via HollywoodReporter

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Posted by Tars Tarkas - September 23, 2013 at 7:49 pm

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Newcomers – filmed in space, but also private space company propaganda!

USS Poop Shield

There is a new film being planned called Newcomers, and it will feature footage shot in outer space filmed on the commercial spacecraft The Lynx (owned by XCOR Aerospace). This space mission will be led by former NASA astronaut Colonel Richard A. Searfoss. The plot details are lacking, but what has been discussed is that Newcomers will be about an alien invasion that is thwarted thanks to the help of a former NASA astronaut and the commercial space industry.

That sounds cool until you remember that it is the commercial space industry that is helping to film the movie! So I gotta call it for what it is, PROPAGANDA! Now, I don’t have any moral conviction against private space missions or vehicles. I do support the government doing space missions and think the switch to contracting out rides to space is a big mistake. And I’m also not the kind of guy who will sit idly by and not call this out for what it is. Newcomers may be a good movie, it may be terrible, it doesn’t even matter at this point. Product placement is not a stranger to big budget films, and there is even times when they drive the plot. There was even a whole slew of right wing agenda-driven films last year, and there will be more this year.

And I will call them out. So Newcomers, consider your cover blown!

via THR
Image is from this so-called privately funded Mars mission, which claims it will use poop for radiation shielding.

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Posted by Tars Tarkas - May 22, 2013 at 2:47 pm

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2016: Obama's America to get even dumber "sequel", America

America D'Souza

Dinesh D’Souza is taking a break from cheating on his wife to try to rake in some more cash (after all, he did resign in a totally not forced way because he can’t keep it in his pants!) and putting out a sequel to his hit documentary 2016: Obama’s America. You might remember 2016 is the second highest grossing political documentary of all time (at $33 million, to Fahrenheit 9/11‘s $119.1 million)

America will be a pseudodocumentary featuring a world where America never existed.

In America, D’Souza intends to re-create some famous moments in American history and ask the question: What would the world be like if the U.S. had not existed? He likened America, in fact, to Frank Capra’s 1946 film It’s a Wonderful Life, in which George Bailey learns what his town would have been like had he never lived.
“President Obama looks at America as an oppressive force,” D’Souza said, “while I and millions of others around the world have a different view: that America has been a great blessing to its own people and to the world.”

It also makes sure to tell you what the fuck REAL INDIANS are, you ignorant idiots! I also enjoy D’Souza’s logic behind this film: Saying something can be improved=wishing it never existed. That really explains so much.

D’Souza once again teams up with producer Gerald Molen, and John Sullivan is set to direct for a mid-2014 release. Just in time to “influence” more elections. Will there be free copies of this one sent out like 2016? Will the country even exist by 2014, if the movie 2016 is to be believed? Because I think by then it should be too late and we’re all dying, so who’s gonna take some time and see a movie? It’s almost as if this is made up junk being peddled to suckers…

We covered 2016 and similar conservative documentaries here, including mentioning Movie to Movement, who will undoubtedly be involved again.


If you can’t get enough of crazy rightwing nuthouse movies, don’t miss this spectacular fake trailer from the Tea Party Patriots – A Movement On Fire!

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Posted by Tars Tarkas - March 18, 2013 at 11:58 pm

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Justin Bieber's Mom will be the queen of abortion films with Crescendo!

Justin Bieber Puking

I know America just can’t get enough of abortion and Justin Bieber, and now the two great things are combined in one appetizing movie short as Justin Bieber’s mom Pattie Mallette brings us Crescendo. Crescendo will let us know that abortion is bad and tiny American flags are good. Which is truly odd because she’s Canadian… Our friends at Movie to Movement is producing. You might remember Movie to Movement when we discussed the Right Wing Nuthouse flicks, as they’re responsible for 2016: Obama’s America getting popular thanks to their “theater captains” (they also worked with Hating Breitbart, which didn’t work out so well for them!) But wingnut welfare is a lucrative business, and the movie propaganda arm is chugging full steam ahead. Crescendo will screen across the country beginning February 28th, with Pattie Mallette appearing at some of the shows. Movie to Movement is hoping to raise $10 million for “pregnancy centers.” Of course, as soon as that baby comes out, don’t ask for help, because then you are one of the 47% of takers, you monster! You just have to wait until your kid becomes a millionaire pop star like all children of teenage mothers.

via HuffPo

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Posted by Tars Tarkas - January 22, 2013 at 12:35 pm

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