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Five Flavored Death Bowl!

Five Flavor Death Bowl General Mills Count Chocula Frute Brute Yummy Mummy Franken Berry Boo

What happens when you buy all five of the General Mills Monsters cereals, and mix them together in one bowl? You get the above, which I have dubbed the Five Flavored Death Bowl! I do not know or care if someone else has named this already.

The reissue every Halloween season of the Monsters cereals – Count Chocula, Franken Berry, Boo Berry, was made special this year by the return of Yummy Mummy – a cereal I remember only because I liked it but barely had it, and Frute Brute, a cereal so old I don’t even remember it from childhood (under the name Fruit Brute, the slight respelling is because you can’t sell food with the word “fruit” in the name if it doesn’t have any fruit!)

Frute Brute’s cherry flavor was an interesting failure, as by now that taste has unfortunately been relegated in my mind for terrible medicine. Count Chocula is obviously chocolate flavored, with Boo Berry blue berry. Franken Berry is straw berry, and the not obviously named Yummy Mummy is orange cream flavor. Put them all together, and you basically get chocolate-flavored fruit mix. The result wasn’t that bad, but the Five Flavored Death Bowl is not the greatest of flavors. These things are separate for a reason! The effects could probably be replicated by combining Cocoa and Fruity Pebbles together (which I’ve also done as a kid!)

For the record, the milk turned an odd gray color, and tasted like fruity chocolate milk.

The name Five Flavored Death Bowl comes from the diabetes that this dish has probably triggered in me! Luckily, I have been cutting my sugar intake, which is almost impossible due to American food being stuffed to the gills with sugar. There is probably less sugar in raw sugar than in American food!

At least I got cereal for the next three months…

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Posted by Tars Tarkas - November 3, 2013 at 6:29 pm

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A Street Fighter Picnic brings the rice and the pain!

Don’t you hate when you are just chilling at your gender-swapped Street Fighter picnic and suddenly Sagat shows up and causes trouble? I know I do. Also these girls are not big fans, hence the furious action that takes place.

A Street Fighter Picnic is a video from ReallyCleverAndroids, who do youtube sketches, because that’s what the kids do these days. In my day, we just set fire to phone books in the woods. A simpler time… What is neat is most of the scenes were shot in two hours! Imagine how good it would be if they had three hours!

If you liked this, you can double feature it with the gender-swapped stuntwoman Family Guy Epic Chicken Fight video! See, this is a thing now.

A Street Fighter Picnic Cast:
Dhalsim-Soni Araylnn
Guile-Vi Nguyen
Ryu-Kandyce Phung
E.Honda-Kimberly Hamilton
Ken-Tory Steele
Sagat-Tracie Garrison
Chun Li-Lenny Tran

Filmed/Edited By: David Hoang

Assisted By:
Michael Rivera
Alex Rodriguez
Jonathan Le

Street Fighter Picnic

Street Fighter Picnic

Street Fighter Picnic

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Posted by Tars Tarkas - October 26, 2013 at 8:39 am

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SuperMechagodzilla on… WALL•E and Robots

Not to agree with Jeferoo, or resurrect an old topic, but eating and shitting imagery is very important!

Compare best-ever computer animated movie WALL•E with a debacle like Robots. When Wall-E extrudes a cube of trash from his waste port, he grunts like he’s taking a little robot dump. He also survives by ‘eating’ solar power and parts of his fallen comrades. (when his foot is worn out, he heads to the junk/grave-yard and attaches a new one).

The attaching of a new foot to restore the decaying one blurs the line between eating, clothing, and surgical modification – making some really subtle points about prosthesis and identity. Taken to a logical extreme, Wall-E himself is a Ship of Theseus, where his identity somehow persists despite all his original parts being replaced.

There’s a lot of fun with gender in the movie as well. Despite the masculine name, Wall-E tries on a bra, wears makeup, contemplates a wedding ring… But he does so naively and playfully, because these concepts are alien to him. His gender is fluid, and he doesn’t have a sex: the waste port serves as a generic orifice that both he and EVE share.

Wall-E ‘consumes’ media by putting it in his port – but then displaying it in his home instead of simply ‘digesting’ and ‘shitting’ it. The home thus serves as an extension of himself, a body whose parts he modifies, the same way he swaps out his parts.

The Robots robots eat gears and shit the worn gears, drink oil and piss used oil. Larger components are called ‘upgrades’ and serve as a metaphor for healthcare.

There’s literally a scene where Ewan MacGregor’s character gets a penis attached. (Robin Williams also has his lower half swapped with a female one, at one point, to his chagrin). Washroom doors display a plug or socket to denote ‘men’ or ‘women’. However, the robots reproduce by purchasing a kit that comes in a cardboard box. (How does cardboard work, in a world without trees?) There’s a scene where MacGregor tinkers to build a tiny homunculus in his bedroom, and gets embarrassed when his parents walk in. It’s a masturbation scene! ‘Sex’ and ‘childbirth’ are weirdly simultaneous here – and asexual.

There’s also the important distinction that oil is not merely a substitution for ‘water’ in this narrative, since the robots also use literal water to clean things and put out fires. They cannot subsist on water alone. They need to purchase drinks by the can or bottle, from larger companies. The hero’s goal is also to start a small business to supply cheaper gears (food/healthcare) to meet the demands of lower-income consumers. The film also, unlike Wall-E, draws a hard line between clothing and prosthesis. ‘Medical’ upgrades change you, while clothing is ‘merely cosmetic’. There’s a gag where a buff robot has his ‘shirt’ torn off to reveal just a spindly, naked(?) (exo)skeleton.

Where does the massive amount of used oil-piss go? Where do the drains lead? And from where do all these private companies obtain their fresh oil?

Robots’ use of food and shit imagery is then rather insidious. With few exceptions, everything in the Robots world is privatized, and the only alternative presented is a ‘capitalism with a human face’. You can’t just go down to the river and scoop up some oil, or collect rain-oil. In some ways this is accurate – the ideology is all-pervasive and inescapable. But in a more accurate way, it’s normalizing.

The scene where MacGregor gets his robot penis attached functions as a sort of reverse castration, but why have male and female genders determined by sexual organs at all? Why is MacGregor’s mom a housewife?

Wall-E is of course very concerned with what happens to the garbage.



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Posted by Tars Tarkas - October 24, 2013 at 12:47 pm

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Use Adblock to block those Around the Web sites (Outbrain, Taboola, Zergnet)

Has this ever happened to you? You go to your favorite site, click on an interesting article, scroll down, and are soon bombarded with crappy ads from “Around the Web” that are borderline NSFW and mentally insulting? It seems every site is employing Outbrain, Taboola, or Zergnet to deliver your terrible content in java applets that jam up your browser. Heck, Outbrain was even hacked by Syrian hackers, who then redirected pages of The Washington Post, Time, and CNN to their own pages.

The articles linked are usually the basest form of linkbait. Top ## lists, behind the scenes “secrets”, celebrity gossip, Miley twerking, women wearing tiny bikinis (or less!). The ones on the entertainment sites I frequent always have an article about Batman, another about a Marvel movie, and often untrue casting rumors. They are, quite frankly, embarrassing and ugly. I hate them, and I want them dead.

As luck would have it, AdBlock can kill those terrible thing! No more “Around the Web” features and Top 7 Miley Twerking Batman Diets. So here is how:

The Outbrain/Taboola/Zergnet scourge looks like this:
block around the web

If you use Chrome (Firefox instructions below, they are almost identical), the adblock is set up here as default. Click on “Show the resource list”
block around the web

The red stuff is already blocked ads, the black are active files of everything loaded on the page. Search for “taboola” or “outbrain” or “zergnet” in the filter.
block around the web

Here are all the results for “taboola” on this site. These are the files associated with the embedded code. The one that ends with “loader.js” is our target, as it is the file that produces all the other files. Outbrain and Zergnet will also have a .js file as their backbone, though the exact name might vary.
block around the web

Selected the “loader.js” file, and then select blocking the entire “taboolasyndication.com” domain
block around taboola

And make sure to set it to block it on every site, because you never know where this stuff will come up. You can always customize AdBlock to not block ads on specific sites later.
block around taboola

Success! Celebrate by buying some tea!
block around taboola

Here is a shot of the site where the Taboola panel used to be. Now it is just an empty box. Woo-hoo!
block around taboola

On Firefox, the default AdBlock location is on the bottom. Select “Open blockable items” from the menu and proceed as previously instructed.
block around taboola

The Firefox filter looks like this:
block around taboola

An example of an Around the Web panel
block outbrain

An example of an Outbrain panel
block outbrain

Here is OutBrain’s file getting blocked from my web browsing forever. Bye-Bye OutBrain!
block outbrain

An example Zergnet panel:
block zergnet

And, yes, I am well aware of the irony of explaining how to adblock things on a blog post that has ads. Feel free to AdBlock this site, I won’t be offended. Or whitelist it so ads appear, I won’t be offended, either. Having been to enough sites with adblock off that I now use it regularly everywhere I understand completely if you do as well.

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Posted by Tars Tarkas - September 20, 2013 at 9:46 am

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Epic Chick Fight – Stunt Women recreate Chicken Fight from Family Guy

Hey, remember those super long fights with the chick that Peter Griffen would get into back when you still watched Family Guy? Which is still on the air somehow? Well, a group of stunt women did an Indiegogo campaign and raised cash to do their own recreation of the fight, and the results are now live on the web. Watch as two women beat the tar out of each other as special effects effect all around them! Stunt women Jessie Graff and Tree O’Toole battle it out, and the result is amazing!

via DailyDot

Epic Chick Fight

Epic Chick Fight

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Posted by Tars Tarkas - August 16, 2013 at 4:58 pm

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Sesame Street: Sons of Poetry

Sesame Street takes on Sons of Anarchy with Sons of Poetry. All we need now is Breaking Bad with Bert and Ernie…

Sesame Street Sons of Poetry

Sesame Street Sons of Poetry

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Posted by Tars Tarkas - August 5, 2013 at 10:23 pm

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