What’s going on at TarsTarkas.NET????

Godzilla four wheeler jump
[adrotate banner=”7″]You may have noticed things have slowed to a crawl here at good ol’ TarsTarkas.NET. Or maybe you haven’t, in which case, pay attention! In any event, I am not dead, the site isn’t going anywhere, and aliens haven’t replaced my brain with a cabbage (at least not again since I installed the anti-alien abduction kit I got from eBay!)

What is happening is I’m taking classes again AND doing a lot of running because I’m going to be in a marathon. So that means I’m usually tire from exercising and studying programming, which means the amount of time I have to write and write and write is very small. Even when I have free time, I’m usually just exhausted and chill out playing Hearthstone or watching flicks instead of writing about flicks or the fiction stuff I write that I’ll never share with anyone not married to me.

But classes can’t last forever, and once I run the marathon I’ll have more free time. Updates will continue, just don’t expect the regularity or volume as when I am free as a bird. Yes, it sucks because this year’s traffic has been amazing and now I’m blowing it all by having a life and doing stuff. Silly me! I have no intention of turning this into a running blog and just posting my times, nor will I suddenly throw up a bunch of java or python code and scare everyone away. Reviews and articles are in the queue, some are even written but need images. And the long-delayed March of Godzilla for this year has like 15 entries written, I just need to write the introduction and splash pages that the updates are organized around (you’d think I would take care of that first, but then you’d be wrong!) This will show up before 2015 ends. Thanks for putting up with this site for 11 years!

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