Double Daddy knocks up Lifetime..twice!

Double Daddy

We’re going to be the best episode of Maury ever!

Just when you thought the baby mama drama genre has run out of ideas, now we got preggers vs preggers with Double Daddy! Yes, Connor the condom hater has gone and knocked up two separate girls, and the new girl in school goes completely insane, and it’s not just the pregnancy hormones talking! Can Amanda survive being pregnant, her dolt of a boyfriend, the baby unfortunately having his loser genetic code, and a rival pregnant girl? Is there ever a Lifetime movie where the new girl at school isn’t trouble? Will the babies be born with psychic links? Remember that Dudley Moore movie where this happened, except the only bad person was Dudley Moore?

When 17-year-old Amanda learns her boyfriend Connor has impregnated a new girl at school, she is shocked…but even more so when she discovers that she too is pregnant! Even though Connor is doing everything he can to be there for both of his teen moms this high school drama is taking social backstabbing to a whole new level.

Double Daddy stars Mollee Gray, Brittany Curran, and Cameron Palatas. It’s also MIA from the IMDB, so I can’t tell you any more about it! Quality!

Double Daddy premieres Saturday, June 6th, on Lifetime! Be there or get pregnant!

Photo via Charles Christopher/Lifetime

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