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“Oh, Lash LaRue, I always wondered what happened to him!” — Nobody, Ever. Well, unfortunately, Nobody is going to get an answer, because Lash LaRue is featured in The Dark Power, which is the latest RiffTrax VOD! It’s got zombies, it’s got college kids played by actors that are close to collecting retirement, it’s got…well, that’s all it’s got. Luckily, the RiffTrax guys are what we got, and The Dark Power is the perfect fodder for their jokes. In fact, this movie might be too easy for the jokes. You might seriously die as you are bored by the film and laughing from the jokes, your body not knowing how to react and thus giving up. But it’s worth it, I hear. I can’t die thanks to my time serving as a prison guard on death row when this magic guy showed up….

Hey, Toltec Zombies! How often does that happen? George Romero, eat your heart out! Buy The Dark Power today, or you will face the wrath of very slow, very cheap Toltec Zombies. Eventually.

Hollywood legend Lash LaRue returns to the silver screen in this thrilling tale of zombies, the occult, and stretching the definition of “Hollywood legend” as far as our lawyers will allow us! Lash LaRue, as you’ll undoubtedly recall, was famous for being playing a cowboy that used a whip. In every movie he was in, he found a way to pick up a whip and crack it a few times. Cattle rustlers? Whip! Pistols at dawn? Whip! Bankrupt from loss of cattle because trying to stop cattle rustlers with just a whip is incredibly stupid? Whip! Dead from ignoring the pistols part of pistols at dawn and instead bringing a—Well, you get the idea.

Yes, Lash and his whip were inseparable. It’s even claimed that he taught Harrison Ford how to use the bullwhip! Sadly for Lash, he was providing his “whip lessons” on the set of Regarding Henry, and was escorted off the lot by security after startling Harrison in the bathroom.

But that didn’t stop Lash, and he’s still flinging his whip around in The Dark Power. And it’s a good thing too, because four ancient Toltec Indian chiefs have risen from the dead and are terrorizing a house full of college students who don’t look a day over 32. Turns out that defiling their burial ground was a bad idea! Who knew?

Can Lash drive his Chrysler there with his blinker on the entire way before the students are picked off one by one? Join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for this RiffTrax to find out!

Dark Power RiffTrax

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