Sesame Street gets its yumpire on with Twilight Breaking Cookie!

[adrotate banner=”1″]Sesame Street gives kids a good lesson in self-control, all the while skewering those Twilight films! In Sesame Street: Twilight Breaking Cookie, Shortbredward (Cookie Monster!) is a yumpire, which means he can’t control himself around cookies, and much devour him immediately. He and Belly are in love, but Belly can’t have any cookies with Shortbredward eating them all! What a jerk! Enter the third angle of this love triangle with Bacob the Wolf, who spends all day baking cookies to try to impress Belly, and howling in frustration when his efforts fail. With the impending nuptials between Shortbredward and Belly approaching, Bacob makes one last ditch effort to show that Shortbredward is an out of control yumpire. Can Shortbredward learn self-control and not eat all the cookies, all while reenacting scenes from the Twilight movies?

I especially enjoy how for half of the short, Belly says nothing except “I love you, Shortbredward” or “I love him”. But once she finally gets some backbone it is when Shortbredward learns some self-control. It both proves Shortbredward’s love for her, as it is the motivation he needs, and gives her character something to do besides look depressed and declare her love. And don’t forget the twist at the end!

Will kids learn from this? The original suggestions have to do with getting your mind off of the subject that gets you out of control by distractions, but the ultimate solution is to prove to yourself that you have the motivation to avoid it, exampled as talking it through. Because true change comes from within. So all in all, this one was pretty good!

Shortbredward is a yumpire with a cookie thirst and Belly is the girl who loved Shortbredward. The problem is that Shortbredward couldn’t control himself enough to share his cookies with Belly. Will Shortbredward ever learn to control himself or will Bacob the Wolf convince Belly to be with someone who has better executive functioning skills? Find out in Twilight: Breaking Cookie!

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