Kaiju Garden Gnome Slayer!

Who knew gardening could be this monstrous! If you’ve ever wanted to have Godzilla trash a bunch of garden gnomes in statue form, this already exists and you can get it on Amazon! It’s called the Big Mouth Toys The Great Garden Gnome Massacre. But don’t take my word for it, look on!

The Great Garden Gnome Massacre terrifying T-Rex is a defender of humanity with a taste for gnomes. Harness the power of this mighty beast in your home, garden or office. 9-inches tall; 5-inches wide at base. Made of durable cast poly resin.

Godzilla Garden Gnome kaiju

Sure, gardening season is pretty much over in most places, but the fun of a dinosaur in the lawn is year round! Unless it gets buried in snow… Mostly year round! Anyway, I just found it, so I might as well post it, because, that’s how we roll here at TarsTarkas.NET. I like weirdo garden gnomes, and plan on having enough that my less-fun neighbors will get upset. Best to identify those people early, I say!

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