With Presumed Dead in Paradise, Lifetime breaks out the conspiracies!

Presumed Dead in Paradise Lifetime

People, read the fine print on your timeshare agreements!

Remember that old Phil Collins song about how it’s another day in paradise? Well, you can’t have another day in paradise if you’re dead! Sure, that has little to do with the song’s actual subject, but I’m making this intro work. Lifetime brings us Presumed Dead in Paradise, which is like the Natalee Holloway case except 1000 times more Lifetime. This time the girl lives, only to find out it was a murder conspiracy by her own family to kill her! Basically, never go to the Caribbean, because you will die.

Madison, a rebellious teenager, has spent most of her life in boarding schools and the only family she has left is her estranged stepmother, Patricia. So when Patricia unexpectedly invites Madison on a birthday trip to St. Isabel (an island Madison used to visit with her father), Madison is shocked but excited! Once on the island Madison meets Blake, a cute local guide who plans a paddle board excursion to a remote part of the island. Out in open water, Madison has a panic attack (or so it appears) and seemingly drowns. Miraculously, Madison survives and manages to make her way back to the resort but is stunned to see Blake and Patricia together! When Madison goes looking for answers, she discovers that this vacation isn’t what it seems, and that she’s in fact embroiled in a dark conspiracy that involves her late father.

Presumed Dead in Paradise stars Malese Jow, Olivia d’Abo, Gavin Houston, Alix Gitter, Luis Omar O’Farrill. It is directed by Mary Lambert, who directed both of the Pet Sematary films and Mega Python vs. Gatoroid! Presumed Dead in Paradise is written by Steven Palmer Peterson (Cop Dog) and Douglas Shaffer (mostly production work).

My prediction is her dead dad ain’t dead. And also that there will be more twists than a whole season of Law & Order: SVU!

Presumed Dead in Paradise airs Saturday, July 12th on Lifetime!

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