The Mentor – Lifetime meets evil, and it’s a man!

The Mentor Lifetime

Lifetime is taking a break from novel adaptations and play adaptations and killer internet tales to go old school, and by that I mean breaking out the evil evil men! The Mentor features an obsessed stalker coworker who acts as a mentor to his victim. Throw in a dead kid and a stressed marriage, and this is like a superflu version of a regular Lifetime film, multiple plots rolled into one! Hopefully it’s far more fun than Captain Trips…

The Mentor is yet another film written by Lifetime super-star Christine Conradt, who must be single-handedly keeping Lifetime in the movie business by the rate that she keeps pumping out scripts! Director Anthony Lefresne has directed Another Man’s Wife and the upcoming Guilty at 17 (another in the at 17 series!)

Battlestar Galactica alum Aaron Douglas plays the stalker/mentor Paul Allenham, Jes Macallan plays the woman who gets an awful coworker, and Nic Bishop plays her estranged husband.

For some reason there isn’t much about this film at all on Lifetime’s site, they are barely acknowledging it’s a new film and have skipped on to promoting Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs, and the only promo shot is an image so bad even Aaron Douglas has made fun of it! But TarsTarkas.NET is on the case, and that shot is the one at the top of this article!

Elizabeth May tries to put the loss of her eight-year-old daughter behind her by going back to teaching. Under the stress of the tragedy her husband Brian May has moved out while Elizabeth is desperate to save her marriage and return to a life of normalcy. In her new job she is assigned a mentor, Paul Allenham, who is hiding a deep dark violent past. Paul has an immediate and unsettling attraction to Elizabeth; he will do anything to secure her love.

The Mentor premieres June 14th on Lifetime!

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