Ever After High gets a movie and series deal on Netflix

Ever After High Dolls

Ever After High is a spinoff of those Monster High dolls, except they’re based on fairy tales instead of monsters. Like Monster High, they have a bajillion characters and complicated back stories, including a bunch of webisodes, tv specials, and a book series. And now they can add a movie and Netflix original series to their piles of content! As Monster High has many more films and webisodes, Ever After High has a ways to go to catch up. But I believe in Ever After High!

All the characters are kids of fairy tale characters, so you get people like Humphrey Dumpty, the son of Humpty Dumpty; Cedar Wood, the daughter of Pinocchio; Dexter Charming, the son of King Charming, the twin of Darling Charming, and younger brother to Daring Charming; and Kitty Cheshire, the daughter of the Cheshire Cat. There are even one or two characters from Monster High that have transferred into Ever After High, because crossover money, baby!

Ever After High has no affiliation with that upcoming Disney Channel movie Descendants which has children of Disney fairy tale characters in high school. It does show that high school is the future of fairy tales.

No word yet on if that rumored live-action Monster High musical film is actually going to get made. UPDATE: @rwmead has pointed out they confirmed a 2016 release date last month, so fingers crossed!

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