RiffTrax vs. Godzilla!

RiffTrax has announced a new Kickstarter so they can get the rights to riff on the 1998 terrible version of Godzilla! But not only is it great news, the Kickstarter was announced while I was waiting in line for a screening of the new 2014 Godzilla, and by the next morning had already reached its goal and then some! Which was all the excuse I needed to post this a bit later. So for those of you who missed the announcement or were putting it off and need a reminder: RiffTrax. Godzilla. Let’s do this!

Last time the goal was to get the money to do Twilight, but the result ended up being Starship Troopers. This time, they already have things set up to get Godzilla, so it will be Godzilla and not some random film. Because the Kickstarter has met its goal, the choice now is just what extras you want to get. There are digital shorts, gift certificates, t-shirts, and even a huge prize of the RiffTrax guys riffing your own film. It’s only 5 grand, why not have them make fun of you wedding? You’ll look fondly back on the video as you pay alimony because your wife dumped you for blowing the nest egg on her being insulted by guys from the internet.

There are plenty of cool stuff to get no matter your budget. And prepare yourselves for the RiffTrax Live Godzilla event, because it’s totally on now! So open up your wallets and donate, that insulin can wait a month!

Disclaimer: I will probably contribute to this Kickstarter, but haven’t done so at the time this post was published.

Zilla Godzilla Final Wars

Good grief, I suck!

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