Lifetime breaks out The Trials of Kate McCall!

Trials of Kate McCall

You’re under arrest for being a lawyer and a woman!

Saturday April 5th brings us the new Lifetime flick The Trials of Kate McCall, about a single female lawyer used to be a married hotshot lawyer until she got hooked on the types of things you don’t want to get hooked on. And I’m not talking about phonics! Out of recovery, the only way she’ll get her daughter back is if she helps a woman wrongfully convicted of murder. That’s the weirdest custody stipulation I’ve ever heard of, but okay, sure, whatever. Kate Beckinsale is our lawyer heroine who will save the say and her family by not being terrible. Noted addicted to everything guy Nick Nolte also stars, along with cool James Cromwell, who is cool.

No one has answered the big questions about The Trials of Kate McCall, mainly will werewolves and vampires show up that our lawyer heroine has to destroy? Because that’s the kind of programming Lifetime should start airing just to grab some more demographics. It would be cool! Oh, well, if you like lawyering and women lawyers and proving innocent people are innocent and child custody drama, then The Trials of Kate McCall is for you!

Kate Beckinsale stars as a former hotshot lawyer who is now in recovery and estranged from her family. In order to be reinstated at the bar and recover custody of her daughter she must take on the appeal of a woman wrongfully convicted of murder.

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