Magic: The Gathering taps the movie franchise fever!

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But will they get Mana Burned? (Yes, that got errataed away, I’m Old School Magic!) Magic: The Gathering is optioned to become a flick now. If you recall, Wizards of the Coast is owned by Hasbro now, and Hasbro is turning all their stuff into movies. And The Hobbit is making lots of money, therefore Magic will become a movie. The goal is to turn it into a huge franchise and make billions of dollars at the box office, and probably billions of other dollars through increased sales of Magic: The Gathering.

The cards have a huge back story of all sorts of cool events to pull from, which means they’ll probably ignore it all and instead just graft references upon some existing but terrible script. Seriously, the Brother’s War, the Yawgmoth cults, Fallen Empires, the Weatherlight, Time Spiral, Goblin Bowling Teams, the existing books, countless lore on cards and artwork. It’s got a hugely rich history and literally any sort of entry point you need to make all sorts of stories. But at least we’ll get to make jokes about “tapping”, even though Coors Light beat everyone decades ago with Tap the Rockies.

20th Century Fox is the studio we can all blame, and Simon Kinberg is going to be the producer behind it all. We got our eyes on you! Don’t make me break out the Lightning Bolts, I don’t care if they’re banned. I’m Old School Magic!

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