Joshi Zu (女子ーズ) brings the female Super Sentai!

Joshi Zu
[adrotate banner=”1″]Another Super Sentai (Power Rangers for us Americans!) spoof is in the works, this time featuring an all female team that fights evil suing a “Woman Tornado”! Of course, there are monsters and goons and color-coded costumes, because that’s what is expected! Joshi Zu (女子ーズ) features a team of five women who are forced to work together against their will to battle monsters and other dangers associated with the tokusatsu genre.


To battle a malicious monster, five women are gathered in front of Commander Charles against their will. The five women are selected because they each have a family name that represents a color. The five women are filled with doubts about what they are able to do collectively, but they go up against the monster using their lethal technique “Women Tornado”. The five women can only use the “Women Tornado” when they are all gathered together.

Mirei Kiritani(Ace Attorney) plays the red Naoko Akagi, Mina Fujii(Gehara: The Dark and Long Hair Monster and Monsterz – the Japanese remake of the Korean film Haunters) the blue Mika Aota, Mitsuki Takahata the yellow Yuri Kikawada, Kasumi Arimura the green Kano Midoriyama, and Mizuki Yamamoto(Black Butler) the blue Sumire Konno. Their boss Commander Charles is played by Jiro Sato.

Aside from some promo shots from filming and a poster release, there is no monster details for Joshi Zu.

Writer/Director Yuichi Fukuda previous worked on the super hero spoof HK: Forbidden Super Hero/HK Hentai Kamen, which features a guy running around with panties on his head. He also directed Kid’s Police, the crime film starring entirely children that is not Hawk Jones.

Joshi Zu hits theaters June 7, 2014

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Joshi Zu poster

Joshi Zu Mirei Kiritani

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