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That was Nelson Mandela that died, you idiots!

Straight from dad’s email to your movie screen, God’s Not Dead will be the final word on that story about how a random kid in class totally owned a smug atheist professor who declared God was not real, by saying he was. What happened next is usually the professor breaks his chalk and storms off, never to be seen again. Or he dies (YIKES!) There is also the hilarious version where the professor demands God punch him, and then a Marine punches the professor because “MARINES SEMPER FI!”

If you troll right wing forums like I used to do you’ve probably run across this a million times. I’ve also had it forwarded to me by several relatives. The tale is popular enough that someone finally is making it into a film. Will this be the future of all email forwards? Because that means we’ll have a lot of Nigerian prince movies very shortly…

“God’s Not Dead” is a new Christian film about faith and the limits one young man will go to in order to defend his belief in God. The movie stars Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, Andromeda, Soul Surfer), Shane Harper (Good Luck Charlie, High School Musical 2), and features a concert appearance by Gold Record award-winning and Christian super-band Newsboys. The movie also stars Dean Cain (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman) and David A. R. White (Evening Shade, The Moment After 1 and 2, Jerusalem Countdown).

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Free screenings of this are starting to blanket my feeds, so if anyone wants to check it out and report back, that would be cool!

UPDATE: I have just been informed the producers are leeching off the Duck Dynasty controversy and painting their film as a free speech issue! You might recall the Duck Dynasty patriarch made comments against gays (and might not recall his racist comments since no one bothered to mention them!) and then A&E decided a non-punishment was totally justifiable because they love getting that sweet sweet Duck Dynasty money. Sorry blacks and gays!

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