America is the perfect film to take your mistress to!

“America” Trailer from Dinesh D'Souza on Vimeo.

After you use her to make illegal campaign contributions, naturally! Excuse me…”alleged” illegal campaign contributions. We all know what happened with our favorite awful documentary filmmaker of the week, Dinesh D’Souza, after his opus 2016: Obama’s America totally won the election for the Republicans in 2012. Which is to say the movie did nothing but part conservatives of their cash while D’Souza cheated on his wife. Grifting is a fine tradition among conservative groups, you might say it is their only tradition, and all the religion and patriotism they wrap themselves up in is just the camouflage they need to take more money from more people. And as 2016 made $33 million, of course a sequel is rushed into production, even as D’Souza’s personal life dissolves into scandal after scandal.

America will feature D’Souza arguing that all that bad stuff America did – Indian genocide, slavery, imperialistic wars, income inequality – is totally cool because “America”. Okay, I don’t know what his real argument is, because he doesn’t bother to even mention a theory except lay out a pretty good breakdown of Leftist arguments, complete with images of homeless people in the shadow of Wall Street, without realize he’s being ironic. Granted, D’Souza does state that radical leftist politics is identical to modern Progressivism, which is laughable. I wish Obama was 1/100th as socialist as he’s painted by the Right, then maybe we wouldn’t be cutting food stamps yet again. But never fear, D’Souza does blame colleges and public schools for indoctrinating our youth, which will speak to the Christian homeschoolers that will make up the bulk of the target audience. I’m sure Movie to Movement will be used to pack theaters with audiences directly from church, like 2016 was. Even then, D’Souza blamed an imaginary conspiracy on why he didn’t make even more money.

This synopsis is slightly different from when America was announced, which was then:

In America, D’Souza intends to re-create some famous moments in American history and ask the question: What would the world be like if the U.S. had not existed? He likened America, in fact, to Frank Capra’s 1946 film It’s a Wonderful Life, in which George Bailey learns what his town would have been like had he never lived.
“President Obama looks at America as an oppressive force,” D’Souza said, “while I and millions of others around the world have a different view: that America has been a great blessing to its own people and to the world.”

Whatever movie we get, July 4th will certainly be a day I go see fireworks instead of this! It’s my own little conspiracy…

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