Zombie Safari? You bet Jurassic!

Operation post news articles about films that are on the production company websites I found while writing other articles continues with more fun from Red Sea Media! Next up is Zombie Safari, which sound suspiciously like a park-themed movie about dinosaurs, except with zombies. So far it is just a collection of posters at the moment with a 2015 target release date. I hope they copy entire scenes wholesale except with zombies instead of raptors. Because that would just be nuts. NUTS! Also, never trust billionaires! Kill them all!

Years after the zombie apocalypse, life has returned to normal. A billionaire, driven mad by what happened to his family years ago, opens a zombie safari theme park. But when the power goes out, nothing is left to stop these “captive” zombies from escaping.

Via RedSeaMedia

Zombie Safari

Zombie Safari

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