Muppets Most Wanted drops trailers!

Muppets Most Wanted
The US and UK trailers for Muppets Most Wanted have dropped, and like usual I will post Muppet stuff until the cows come home. If you recall the lead up to The Muppets, there were a billion parody trailers, which were all awesome and I will post the crap out of each one. Heck, the UK trailer has already begun, as it has a semi-spy theme. Both trailers have different footage, and it looks awesome. Kermit is replaced by a master criminal with a weird accent, who is planning nefarious deeds, and the Muppets are caught in the middle. Will the day be saved, or will everything end in tragedy? Of course the day will be saved. But it will take the whole movie to save the day, and much fun will be had along the way. The classic Muppets are back: Gonzo, Piggy, Fozzie, Animal, The Newscaster, Sam the Eagle, Floyd, and new friends 80s Robot and Walter.

I’ll be there opening weekend, because the Muppets are awesome.

US trailer below:


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