Sexing the preacher leads to murder in The Preacher's Mistress on Lifetime!

Haven’t people learned by now not to have sex with married preachers, especially if you live in a Lifetime Channel movie? Obviously not, because The Preacher’s Mistress proves once again evil men are out to destroy you.

Gwen Griffith is a hard working, single mom struggling to make ends meet while taking online classes to get her insurance sales license. Her overbearing mother Ellen constantly attempts to set Gwen up with the sons of her friends. But between work, online studies and raising her precocious 7-year-old son Alex, Gwen doesn’t think she has time to find “Mr. Right.” That is until handsome, charming and successful Ed Baker jogs into her life and makes her think perhaps there is room for love. Gwen’s hopes for happily ever after crumble when Gwen discovers Ed is not only married with kids… but also the preacher of a popular church. When Ed’s heiress wife is murdered, Gwen find herself in the middle of a police investigation that forces her to face skeletons from her past, and fight for her freedom and custody of her son.

Gwen was happy…until she met a MAN!!!! Then doom and gloom happens. Will Gwen be able to escape okay and live with her son again? And will Gwen be safe when her son grows up to be an evil man? We may never know…

The twist here seems to be, not only is the preacher an adulterous (probable) murderer, but he had his affair entirely to frame the woman for the murder of his wife. This makes him pretty darn evil.

The Preacher’s Mistress stars Sarah Lancaster, Drew Waters, Natalia Cigliuti, Angela Rawna. It premieres Saturday, November 2nd on Lifetime! Make sure you skip out on your regular preacher sex sessions and catch it!

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The Preacher's mistress

The good book says to cheat on your wife early and often, like Jesus did!

The Preacher's mistress

No scarlet A, you just get an orange jumpsuit!

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