Kim Ah-Joong is a famous cat burglar in Catch Me (캐치미)

Catch Me Kim A-Joong

Catch Me – 캐치미 (Kae-chi-mi) is an upcoming Korean film involving a elite criminal profiler who is chasing a famous cat burglar, who turns out to be his first love. My PS Partner‘s Kim Ah-joong (김아중) plays Yoon Jin-sook the famous burglar, while actor Joo Won (주원) plays the police officer Lee Ho-tae. Film newcomer Kang Min-jeong (강민정) also has a role as Na Min-jeong, though there is no other information as to what that role is. Lee Hyeon-jong directs his first feature with Catch Me.

The original filming title was Only You (온리유), and Catch Me will release in December.


Catch Me Kim Ah-joong Joo Won

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