Nuigulumar Z (ヌイグルマーZ) with Rina Takeda as a fighting pink teddy bear hits trailer!

[adrotate banner=”1″]Gothic Lolita Battle Bear is the subtitle for Noboru Iguchi’s latest flick, Nuigulumar Z (ヌイグルマーZ), and that is accurate as the day is long. For that pink bear becomes Rina Takeda and faces will be kicked! Plus, it looks like the bear comes to life as a puppet, which means this could easily have been directed by Minoru Kawasaki!

Nuigulumar Z is based on an novel Hōsei Ningen Nuigurumā by Kenji Ohtsuki, which is based on a song by his band Tokusatsu called “Tatakae! Nuigulumar”.

Shoko Nakagawa will play Yumeko Ayukawa, nicknamed Dameko, a lolita-wearing girl who merges with her teddy bear Buusuke to form Nuigulumar. Rina Takeda will play the merged Nuigulumar, complete with pink bear costume. In addition, Takeda also will play a villain character named Kill Billy. Which means we might see Takeda battle herself! Who will win…

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