The Young World is totally Miri! – Movie Star Trek Plot Theft #2!

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Remember that movie The Purge and how it’s plot was totally the same plot as the classic Star Trek episode, Return of the Archons? Well, a challenger has appeared as a bidding war over a yet to be published trilogy of Young Adult post-apocalyptic books called The Young World has resulted in a huge payday and future movies. The Young World features

teenage survivors who inherit a destroyed and desolate earth, after a cataclysmic event kills off every person not between the ages of 12 and 21

Sound familiar? That’s the plot of Miri! And Jeremiah! And a bunch of other stuff. Why the crap this got a bidding war, only the idiots who paid far too much for this property in a market bloated with terrible post-apocalyptic YA fiction know. Expect them to get huge bonuses that they blow on hookers and coke, while we work extra hours and can’t afford a movie ticket.

Even better, these books were written by Chris Weitz, the terrible director of the awful Golden Compass movie and the worst of all the Twilight films, New Moon. And he’ll be directing.

So BOOOOO! to this crap, and 2013 is rapidly becoming the Year of the Ganked Star Trek Plots! Let’s go all Hodgkin’s Law of Parallel Planetary Development on Hollywood’s butt!

What Star Trek plots would you like to see reused by Hollywood? And, yes, I am fully aware that many of the plots are not original to Star Trek, but that would spoil the fun!

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