Godzilla #12 (July 1978)

Godzilla Marvel 12

Godzilla realizes a new story arc has begun!

Godzilla #12 – The Mega-Monsters From Beyond Part 1: The Beta-Beast! (July 1978)
Writer – Doug Moench
Penciler – Herb Trimpe
Editor – Archie Goodwin

More Godzilla is the way of the world, and it is a good way. So we are pleased to give you yet another issue of Marvel’s Godzilla series! This time, more monsters show up and things get fighty! And alien abductions with trippy space art. It’s what we call cosmic. If you need a reminder of the cast, stop by the Godzilla Marvel Splash Page, and check in on everything with March of Godzilla 2013!

Dum Dum pontificates on Robert’s actions, and how they seem to help, but the kid is too much trouble to let slide. He did steal a deadly war machine THREE TIMES!!!! Robert is upset over killing Yetrigar and flies around randomly in grief.

Aliens abduct Godzilla via sucking him into a vortex that travels him through space. That’s what Godzilla gets for wandering near Roswell, New Mexico! Just kidding, I have no idea where he was, but New Mexico is nearby, so why not?

Godzilla is transported all the way to the moon, where Godzilla is surrounded by an energy field that lets him breath and hear even though the moon is a vacuum. And waiting for Godzilla is a new enemy…the Beta-Beast! This new monster can spit fire and shoot quills. But all of that is for naught, as Godzilla shoots his own atomic breath, and soon Beta-Beast is ash.

Godzilla Marvel 12

Suddenly the Chitauri invade!

Godzilla then sees a domed city rise from beneath a crater, and attacks. But the aliens zap him with an Id Ray, which immobilizes him. (Just wait until you see how powerful their Ego and Superego Rays are!) Thanks to the power of telepathy, the aliens explain they are the Betans. They’ve been at war forever with their rival planet, Megan.

Yes, Megan.

Megan, that bitch! I knew Megan was up to no good!

The Betas are purple humanoids with weird bullet shaped heads, while the Megans are red monkey dudes with one giant eye. Their planets are depleted of resources, so they instead get monsters and alien dinosaurs and use them to fight each other. There are some cool monsters shown during this flashback with no other information.

The Megans have almost defeated the Betans, and will soon attack Earth with their three best monsters – Triax, Rhiahn, and Krollar, to get more resources.

The Beta-Beast was the Betans best monster, and it couldn’t defeat any of those three. That’s why they outsourced to Godzilla, who as you saw, easily defeated Beta-Beast.

It’s too late to explain any more, the three Megan monsters are flying to Earth. The Betans quickly send Godzilla back, as the monsters are seeking out the most powerful beings on Earth.

Mega-Monster Triax attacks Red Ronin/Robert, and begins mocking him in his mind. And Godzilla is there!

Once again, the main fighting begins next issue! Until then, it is anticipation time for the royal rumble that will happen. This storyline is my favorite of the series, because it is both cosmic in scope, but also features lots of monsters fighting.

Godzilla Marvel 12

Why Jarts were banned!

Godzilla Marvel 12

The Freak Parade is strong in this issue!

Godzilla Marvel 12

When will aliens learn not to abduct Godzilla?

Godzilla Marvel 12

Porcupines are well known for shooting missiles from their hands…

Godzilla Marvel 12

This is just an average Thursday for Godzilla!

Godzilla Marvel 12 cover

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