Dark Roar is kids vs saber-toothed panther!

Dark Roar

There are never enough kids horror films. Not that society is any less horrible, it’s just that it is more taboo to expose things perfectly designed to star kids in horror situations, but yet perfectly acceptable to bring those same young kids to R rated movies full of murder and more murder. Enter Dark Roar, a take on the kids getting spooked genre where a pair of children encounter a genetically created saber-toothed panther that has a hunger for young kids. As they flee for their lives, we learn more about the corporate conspiracy that created the beast. Dark Roar was funded via Kickstarter, and is proving to be an actual Kickstarter success story as their movie is becoming reality. There are plenty of production pictures on the various Dark Roar sites.

It looks like some good fun, a type of creeping horror we don’t get too much of these days. It’s British origins and Kickstarter model means it will be a far cry from the standard SyFy fare, which would have seen actors from Stargate and a title like PantherTooth. Which isn’t a bad title, I’ll just steal my own idea right now…

Blackrock Films
via DreadCentral

Dark Roar

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